Create a Kitchen You Don't Want To Leave in Five Easy Steps!

For most of us, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. With it being such a well used space, when it comes to making an upgrade you want to be sure you're making the right decisions. After all, it's an expensive room to change and you don't want to regret any of your choices later down the line. Here are five elements that should be at the top of your list when it comes to planning your new kitchen, get these right and it will serve you well for many years to come.

The kitchen can be very a dangerous space, and for this reason you need to be sure that your appliances are high quality and installed correctly. Your gas cooker is one example, get this wrong and you risk a gas leak, explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning. Your electrics are another area to consider, you need to have everything fitted by a qualified professional. Don't forget fire safety too, a fire blanket is worth installing in the kitchen as unlike water or powder extinguishers, it can safely put out chip pan and oil fires. Cupboard locks are a good way to prevent children and pets from getting into low down cupboard which often contain things like dangerous cleaning chemicals. 

A space that feels light, bright and airy will make any home appear more pleasant. And even more so when the sun is shining, or natural light is filtering through. As well as decent lighting such as spotlights in the ceiling and under cupboard lights for a high end finish, make the most of the natural light. You could consider opening up the space- bifold doors from Quickslide for example would let in tonnes of daylight, and you could open them up to the back garden when the weather is nice. Depending on the type of roof you have, a skylight could also work well. Otherwise, simply having your window extended and made bigger will allow more light to come in. Consider the window treatments too, something too heavy is going to block out the light and make the room look dingy. A simple pair of patterned curtains could add personality, or you could go with a white vertical blind. These will match any kind of decor and you can adjust the amount of light that comes in the room.

Cooking can create a lot of steam and smoke, so suitable ventilation is a must. Make sure you can open windows easily, and invest in a quality extractor fan. A well-ventilated room will prevent cooking smells from lingering, and prevent excess smoke from damage the paint and wallpaper as well. The last thing you want is for your new kitchen decor to look grubby and stained because you overlooked this one thing. 

Your kitchen is one of the liveliest parts of the house and that’s because it fulfils many roles. When designing your kitchen, you need to know that it can satisfy those needs. Are you looking to incorporate a breakfast bar with stools, or a dining area? If you're looking to use your kitchen to entertain friends you could consider the best layout and even install appliances such a wine fridge or built in wine rack. A kitchen refit could be your chance to start following healthier eating habits, consider growing fruit and veg in your garden and then cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Above all else, this is your kitchen, so make it that way. Personality is what makes a house a home, and decorating your kitchen in the right way is essential. Choosing a colour scheme will have a telling impact on your interactions with the space. Meanwhile, decorative plaques and wall accessories can accentuate those vibes too. As long as it makes you happy, the upgrade is a success. 

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