Dark Flooring or Light Flooring, Which is Better?

If you are thinking of changing your floor and have got a definite material in mind, maybe now would be the right time to think about the shade you’re after. The shade of a floor can be crucial as it will determine the final look of the room where you’ll be installing it. Whether you have opted for something more expensive like solid or engineered wood or were looking for something a little more within a budget so you picked laminate flooring instead, all of them give you plenty of possibilities in darker or lighter shades. To decide which may be better, this post gives you some things you will have to pay attention to in order to decide. 

The use of the room 
What use is intended for the room? If perhaps it’s a child’s bedroom, maybe you should go towards lighter shades, it will offer a certain brightness and freshness to the room, making it appear more cheerful. In the case of the living room, it will depend of the atmosphere you are trying to create. Dark floor in the living room will give it an elegant touch and a warmer impression, dark colours often add a natural feel of the outdoors, emulating earthy tones. Lighter floors are perfect if you are looking to get the Scandinavian style. The choice of the shades will also depend on if you are changing the whole room, or just the floors. If in the case that you are only changing the floors, then you will have to be careful that it goes with the preexisting furniture and walls. Matching does seem to be easier with light flooring, but if you still want to go with a dark floor, you will have to make sure there is a contrast between furniture and floor. 

The dimensions of the room are also very important, we all know that to make a place look bigger it is better to use lighter colours. A light floor will create and illusion of space. Dark floors are ideal for a large room with open spaces. In addition to dimensions, the quantity of natural light that the room has by itself is also important. If the room allows a lot of natural light, then dark woods are perfect, as you will be able to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. If on the contrary, the room is quite dark then you should use light floors to compensate for the lack of light. 

The type of floor you choose will determine the care that the floor needs. However there are differences between dark and light floors. Light floors tend to hide dirt and scratches better. This is another reason to use them in rooms such as your children’s bedroom, in general light floors will be more family friendly, as they tend to hide the after effects of heavy footfall better. 

So there you have it some of the factors that you should keep in mind when deciding the shade of the floor, but always picking what you love the most and matching your personal style.

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