Selecting the Beautiful Bridesmaids for Your Special Day

Choosing who should be in your bridal party can be tough! You need a strong set of girls that can throw an amazing hen do whilst keeping it classy on the big day. A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average three bridesmaids by their side on the big day. But what are the different types of bridesmaids and what makes them so great? 

Bridesmaid #1: Miss Organisation 
Did you know that the average wedding is host to 75 day time and 101 evening guests? You’ll need help keeping these people in check whilst your mingling with family. That’s where this bridesmaid comes in to help. This girl was the one with the full felt-pen set at school and she’s been planning this day since she got a glimpse of the engagement ring. This bridesmaid will be the first to make sure everyone is in the right place for photos and will gather guests around the dancefloor for your first dance. Once the wedding day is over, you’ll wonder how you could’ve done it without her The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, thinks that this bridesmaid is essential for any successful wedding. But who else is do you need? 

Bridesmaid #2: Miss Emotional 
This bridesmaid is the one who drags you to those emotional movie showings. She’ll be sure to cry just as hard on your wedding day as she does in the cinema — you’re the best of friends and she’s an essential part of your bridal squad. She’s been shedding tears since she seen the engagement ring and it won’t end there. This bridesmaid is the one to consult when you’re trying to write your wedding vows — she’ll know all the right words to say. She’s definitely a valued member of your bridal party — just don’t spend too much on her makeup… 

Bridesmaid #3: Miss Comedienne 
You can count on this girl to throw an unforgettable hen party. Remember to let this girl pick the theme as you’ll be laughing all night long. She’ll be the perfect bridesmaid to get on the microphone at the wedding breakfast too, sharing funny memories and keeping spirits high. You should let your comedienne bridesmaid make a speech on your big day (or at least let her help write it), too. She has the funniest memories to share and has a way with words that is guaranteed to make your guests giggle. 

Bridesmaid #4: Miss Wedding Expert 
This certainly isn’t this bridesmaid’s first wedding and it won’t be her last. She can spot the warning signs of a wedding faux pas before they occur. Perhaps someone at the party is getting too tipsy or she knows that two guests don’t get along and shouldn’t be placed together in the table plan… She knows the structure of a wedding day like the back of her hand and is able to answer any wedding related questions you have. She knows the local suppliers that you should get in touch with, and the ones to avoid — an ideal friend to have around pre-wedding! 

Bridesmaid #5: Miss Social (Media) 
This bridesmaid follows all the pages for wedding inspiration and she’s got endless themed boards on Pinterest for you to look through. She’s set up a hashtag of your surnames after the engagement party and has been using it when adding photos of your wedding planning progress ever since — a perfect memory bank for you to look back on.  If you want to share your wedding to the world, this girl has already designed a Snapchat Geofilter for the guests. You should warn her first if you’re wanting a private affair though, because she’ll have your first dance on a live stream and will have Instagrammed your wedding rings before they’re even on your finger… 

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