Spring and Summer Staples: Where to Save and Where to Splurge!

It feels like winter has dragged on forever- lets face it, Christmas and the new year feel like a distant memory now. But thankfully spring is on the way, bringing some sunny weather and the chance to really get outside and make the most of the year. And the turn of the season of course means a new wardrobe is needed, and chances are you'll already be looking into what's available for the warmer weather. Since buying lots of new outfits and items can be expensive, it pays to know where you should spend and where you should save to get the most from your money. That way you can feel fantastic all of the spring and summer without constantly feeling like you're wearing the same things, but without breaking the bank. Here's where you could save and where you could splurge on your wardrobe in the up and coming months.

Save: Shoes
There are loads of gorgeous shoes and sandals you can purchase from highstreet shops for just a few pounds each for spring and summer wear. It means you can buy whatever is in fashion, and at the end of the season you can throw them away without feeling guilty as you've not spent much. When it comes to things like winter boots and other hardwearing shoes it's worth investing since they will last a long time, but flimsy lightweight sandals rarely will- even if you spend a little more money. Make savings here, buy a few pairs that will go with your outfits and you'll have a pretty new shoe wardrobe without spending much at all.

Splurge: A Good Bag
During the spring and summer when the weather is warm and you're outdoors a lot, chances are you don't want to be weighed down by a huge handbag. Something that's a little smaller and easier to carry is your best bet, if you go with a cross body bag it will fit all of your essentials and you don't have to worry about losing it. When it comes to bags it's often best to splurge, choose a classic looking design and it will last you for years to come. Take Boldrini bags for example, this is a Tuscany based brand selling stunning Italian leather cross body saddle bags. Especially great for the spring and summer but would of course work all year round. You wouldn't have to worry about straps breaking or it going misshapen like you would with cheaper bags. And it's a nice way to add a touch of glamour and class to any outfit.

Save: Accessories
One of the ways you can really have fun with your outfits and style is with accessories. Chunky statement jewellery, stacked bracelets, hair accessories and more- they add a little something to your look but don't need to cost much. In years gone by this has been things like feather earrings, statement necklaces, flower crowns and temporary tattoos. Again, choose things that are in fashion and if they're not still in style by next summer you don't need to feel bad for throwing them away. Spend a few pounds in a highstreet shop and use these items to spruce up what you're wearing.

Splurge: Dresses
Dresses are a spring/ summer staple. Pretty and girly they're also easy to wear (no need to match tops to bottoms) and are available in all cuts and styles so you can choose pieces that really flatter your shape. The reason it's worth spending a little more here and picking carefully is you can actually get your summer dresses to last you all year round. The right styles will look just as good paired up with tights, boots and a jacket in the autumn and winter as they will worn with sandals and a floppy hat in the spring and summer. If you spend a little more you're likely to get better quality and they will last you for longer. Choose relatively plain dresses which are more versatile, that way you can dress them up or down or pair them with different things to get very different looking outfits.

Have you started shopping for the season ahead yet?

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