What to Wear to The Gym (When You're a Little Insecure!)

Back in May last year I decided to bite the bullet and sign up to my local gym, and combined with a low calorie diet I've lost around four stone since then. I have energy and feel fit and strong for the first time in years, and I seriously thank myself for the decisions I made back then- while I still have a way to go, I feel like I'm on the right path now! However stepping into the gym for the first time in years for me was a big thing, and one of my main issues was feeling insecure and being unsure what to wear. When you browse for gym outfits online you're usually met with spandex shorts and sports bras, and I don't know about you but that just wasn't what I had in mind! Plus, having a girly style in day to day life, sportswear isn't my forte. But after a while I found things I liked to wear, and thought I'd put together a short guide for anyone else who's in the same boat. If your new years resolutions didn't go to plan then why not start again now? Here's what you can wear to the gym if you're a little unsure and self conscious.

Loose Top and Tight Bottoms, or Tight Bottoms and Loose Top
If you feel insecure about your figure, the last thing you probably feel like doing is putting on a skin tight pair of leggings along with a tight top that shows off every lump and bump. However if you go baggy on both top and bottoms, it can feel a little like you're swimming in clothes. A good trick I've found is to go with one item that's looser, and the other more fitted. For example I'll wear a pair of gym leggings with a baggier top, or a pair of jogging bottoms with a tighter top. I find that both ways look more flattering without feeling too 'on show' or look like I'm covering up too much. I have the Adidas tights and Adidas leggings, both are great and are so much better for working out in than regular leggings which I had been wearing to the gym previously. 

Go With Darker Colours
It's no secret that darker colours are more slimming, and so if you want to achieve this look with your gym gear then it's something to bear in mind. Many workout items are in shocking neon colours (which is great if this is your style and you have the confidence) but you can find lots of great, more muted pieces too. I think it's worth having a couple of basics in your gym wardrobe, a dark jacket and a pair of bottoms then you can go with any colour top you want. I'm 5'6 so while I'm not particularly tall, I often find that basics jogging bottoms can be too short in the leg. However this pair are very good, these fit nicely and are neither too short or too long. 

Shop at a Plus Size Store
Just about every shop these days caters for all sizes, however a shop that specialises in plus size sportswear are worth looking in if you have a fuller figure. There are still lots of sizes and styles on offer, but as lots of pieces are designed with plus sized women in mind they know what looks flattering on different body shapes, and it makes it easier to find pieces that work for you.  

When it comes down to it, other gym goers really don't care what you're wearing. People are usually too focused on their own workout to worry about what anyone else is doing. However with that being said, you want to feel comfortable and confident and so it's worth finding gym clothing styles that are right for you. 

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