American Adventures: Why Puerto Rico is the Best US Holiday You Never Thought Of

Locals and tourists alike can definitely find a lot of exciting places to visit and activities to experience in Puerto Rico. There’s just so much to see and things to do when visiting this island. For first-timers, it can be pretty overwhelming to go on an adventure in this tropical paradise. Nevertheless, it is a worthy destination both for those looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience or a more relaxed vacation. Here are some tips in order to make your trip to Puerto Rico worth it in 2018.

Know what you want to do
Before anything else, ask yourself why you want to visit Puerto Rico in the first place. If you will be visiting for a few days only, it is best that you have an idea which destinations to go and what activities you want to do. It would help you big time if you narrow down your options so you won’t end up getting overwhelmed upon arriving there. If you are up for a more relaxed vacation, look for beach resorts, ecotourism spots, or historic Spanish spots that you can visit while you are there. Puerto Rico also houses a vibrant nightlife! If you are up for a more adventurous type of trip, Puerto Rico’s tourism has a lot of outdoor adventures for you. Whether you are looking for a good diving, sailing, and other outdoor activities, their tourism definitely has something for you.

 Know when the best time to visit is
Puerto Rico has a tropical weather all year round; however, ideal months to visit are between March and August. These months are usually the time where people love to go to the beaches due to good weather. With that being said, you can most definitely expect a lot of activities under the sun whichever months you visit. This means you should pack sunscreen, bathing suits, sunglasses, among other things.

Learn a few Spanish words
Puerto Rico is a U.S territory but it is not one of the states. While English is widely spoken all throughout Puerto Rico, Spanish is still its official language. If you visit the places outside the urban areas, it can get a little challenging to communicate in English. That is why it would help big time if you try to learn a few Spanish words and phrases. There are online apps and websites that will allow you to translate puerto rico words and phrases.

Plan your transportation in advance
Public transportation is a little unsatisfactory in other parts of the world and it can be the same in Puerto Rico. Some destinations may require you to rent a car or a private van. Before you book your trip, know your transportation options in advance and see which ones are the best in reaching your destinations.

Know your budget
Traveling to Puerto Rico this 2018 can be a little pricey, but you can still travel on a budget. Nevertheless, know the cost of possible accommodations, activities, and food prices, so you will know exactly how much budget you should prepare. Inexpensive activities, and eating delicious street food from market vendors are two ways you can keep costs low without feeling like you're missing out!

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