Caring for your Legs in Winter

We’re all guilty of neglecting our legs during the winter months while we’re busy fighting off the frost! When it’s super cold, we sometimes double up on tights or even pop on a pair under our jeans for extra warmth! How many of us put off shaving because we can’t wait to get out of the shower and into our fluffy pyjamas, then pretend we’ve purposely not shaved because it keeps us warm? We all know that’s a lie we tell ourselves! Let’s be honest, we tend to feel more body confident in summer when we take a little more time to care for our legs. 

Hair Removal 
If you’re all about embracing your natural beauty and don’t feel the need for hair removal, skip this step and head to the next! For those who just love the feel of silky smooth legs, hair removal can be a task which we dedicate our lives to perfecting. Finally learning to avoid nicking ourselves on knobbly bits like knees and ankles should warrant a coming of age trophy! This is a never-ending commitment, as the hairs seem to have grown back the next day, so the shaving cycle must start again! Some people can find shaving quite therapeutic, so if you’re a shaver, dedicate an extra few minutes in the shower and you’ll feel like a new woman through winter! If the thought of having to shave yet again to keep those pins on point makes you want to tear your hair out – don’t! Consider investing in some laser hair removal treatments to achieve softer legs for longer. Laser hair removal works by directing high intensity light pulses at the hairs which damages the follicles, making it difficult to grow back. This is the way to go to keep your legs hair-free for longer! 

Once you’ve de-fuzzed, don’t forget to moisturise. Our legs can get especially dry in winter thanks to the mixture of cool outside air and the constant central heating we put on! Use an in-shower moisturiser to speed this step up while you clean, or invest in a good quality heavy moisturiser for when you step out of the shower. The heavier creams work best if you shower at night as they can penetrate the skin deeper than regular lotions, but will need time to work their magic! 

To Tan, or Not to Tan? 
As soon as summer hits, we realise that our pasty-whites haven’t seen daylight for several months and need a bit of sunshine in a bottle! Why do we limit our tanning regime to summer only? If you’re one of those ladies who instantly feel more body confident with a tan, why not add this step to your winter routine? So what if no one will see it? You’ll be able to look down at your tanned legs and smile! Opt for a gradual tanner in winter so the tan looks more natural and gives you more of a glow. 

Silky & Smooth… Sheets! 
What’s better than sliding into fresh, clean bedding with soft smooth legs? Popping your sheets in the wash and then tumble drier every couple of weeks is not only for cleanliness, but will give you a better nights sleep! Set some time aside and ensure your leg care days match up with your washing days to finish of your winter care guide perfectly!

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