Five Stag Do Ideas That You’ve Definitely Never Thought Of

Everyone loves a stag do, the more creative the better, unless you’re the stag of course! Problem is everyone’s seen the trips to Vegas, weekends in Amsterdam or activity days out with the lads. It’s time to broaden your horizons so we’ve put together 5 ridiculous ideas you would have never though of, promise. Starting with the most obvious.

Roly Poly Show
A roly poly show is exactly like having a stripper, but add a few pounds, well quite a lot in fact. Imagine the stags face when he thinks he’s getting an awesome model dancing around him on his last night of freedom and then the pictures as his face drops. Priceless. You can get a roly poly stripper for a couple of hundred quid a night.

Mountain Boarding
Think skateboarding crossed with mountain biking, the possibilities are endless. Imagine you, your mates and the stag dressed as a chuckle brother jumping around and falling over on a dirt track while being blind folded. The picture opportunities and lols will stay with you forever. It’s reasonably priced too and available at locations all over the country.

Goggle Football
Have you seen the advert of the guys playing 5-aside football blindfolded and booting cats out of the playground? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing, well apart from the cat, we can’t get that past the RSPCA (maybe you can). I’d suggest not doing this too close to the wedding though, as there will be bruises. It’s a fairly cheap option, only setting you back thirty or fourty pounds, you could even set it up yourself.

Demolition Derby
I remember playing destruction derby on a Playstation as a kid, thinking how incredible it would be, well, now is your chance. You can hire out a batch of classic old cars and mess around with as many mates as you can muster until one person is the last man standing. I can’t think of anything that could possibly go wrong.

Beer Bicycle
The favourite on this list because of its uniqueness and the sheer amount of laughs it would be. A beer bicycle is basically a bar on a motorised cart, think milk float with as much beer as you can carry. You and up to 17 mates can ride this alcoholic milk float around your favourite city, during the day or at night, having as many pit stops as you like.

 For only a few hundred quid, nothing per-head, you can do this. I mean, come on, what could be a better way to travel between clubs, roly poly strippers and mountain boarding.

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