Five Surprising Ways Your Smartphone Is Changing Your Life

If there is one thing that nearly everyone over the age of 16 has in their hand or pocket right now, it’s a smartphone. We’ve long moved past the days of playing Snake on an old Nokia and moved into a time where we appreciate being able to instantly communicate with each other wherever we go. We can get online and reach news and emails at the click of a button. For most people, it’s old news that smartphones have changed the way that we live. There are millions of apps out there to be perused and we also have the ability to call anyone we want to with a video chat option, as well. The variety of ways that you can use that magic box in your pocket are pretty much endless, but here we’ve got some of our favourite ways that your smartphone is changing your life.

There is app after app available for you to save money and make money, but there are now banking options that are solely mobile based. Have a read of this Qapital review and learn about how you can connect to a new bank using just your smartphone. You’re able to save money, write eChecks and have access to a Visa card. It can help you to work out how much that you can afford to save up, and it’s a great way to keep track of your finances.

We are living in a world that is rather obsessed with our health – and that’s an obsession that is working for us. Your health is important and being able to sync wearable tech to your mobile helps you to keep track of your calories, your heart rate and your steps. You can use apps like this one to track your heart rate, and it’s pretty accurate!

Smart Car
Not the brand, but this app here can help you to control your car without being anywhere near it. We don’t mean you can magically make it drive around town for you, but you can use Viper Smart to turn your phone into a remote control for your car. Start it up, unlock the doors, locate where you’ve parked and forgotten about it and even activate the security system.

Nearly all smartphones have that handy torch button which turns your phone into a light, but we weren’t born with thermal vision. But with the camera attachment Seek Thermal, you can see in the dark. Handy for those camping days you love so much.

Level Up
Tradies will love this one but being able to turn your phone into a spirit level has never been easier. You can use iHandy Level for free and can give you a hand in hanging those photos you’ve been meaning to get up but can’t get straight.

A smartphone is a revelation in our modern times and there is just so much more to it than you could have imagined. Take advantage of how far your smartphone can take you and be thankful we live in such times that you don’t even have to open your car with a key!

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