Is An Emergency Medical Technician The Right Career For You?

If you have a passion for helping out people, then an emergency medical technician job would fit you quite well. Just as the name states, your job entails responding to emergencies, and helping people before they can get to a hospital, and receive specialized services. To help you understand the job better, here are a few things you need to know about becoming an EMT.

It is a hands-on job
EMT work is very engaging. You will be called to handle all kinds of emergencies. Expect to spend a good chunk of your time in an ambulance. You can also expect to respond to drug emergencies. For instance, you can expect to be called upon to offer emergency care to people suffering from hard drug overdoses from time to time.

The level of education required
While a medical degree or some other advanced degree is not a necessity, you need a high school diploma as a bare minimum. This gives you a gateway to the certifications that are required for you to become an EMT provider. There are different levels to this certification, ranging from basic, intermediate to the paramedic level. How quickly you advance through these levels is directly linked to your hard work, willingness to learn and a passion for the job.

Career opportunities
Even as you seek to pursue a career as an EMT, you are probably wondering, is it lucrative? Are there opportunities for growth? Well, the answer is YES. There are many career opportunities for EMTs. That’s because emergency services will always be there. For instance, with the increased incidence of drug related emergencies in the country, the opportunities in this area are limitless. Rehab centers often require EMTs to handle cases coming in on a daily basis. For example, you can become an EMT handling inpatient rehabs in Colorado, and area that has seen a high incidence of drug related emergencies in the country.

Opportunities for career change
One of the best aspects of EMT work is that you can easily progress your career into other, even more lucrative aspects of healthcare. For instance, you can choose to go back to school and study nursing or even medicine. You can also move on to form your own emergency response services company. The ease of career change is what makes EMT work one of the best career choices you can make.

EMT earnings
Even though EMT work is about helping people, you also have bills to pay. That’s why wanting to know the earnings potential of this careers is an important consideration. The average earning of an EMT is between $11 and $18 an hour. It mostly depends on the state you work. Those who work in bigger cities where the demand is higher tend to earn more. That’s why even as you make the choice to pursue a career as an EMT, you also need to choose your work location well.

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