Old Home New: Revamp Your Tired Decor

None of us want a home that looks dingy or outdated, create a modernized look is actually easier than you might think- even with a limited budget or space. Those on a tight budget can benefit from coupons from overstock when shopping. It is all a matter of key details and of most all, simplicity. Try these foolproof tips to put together your Pinterest-perfect modern home.

Less furniture
With less furniture, your house will look more sleek and clean and this is the concept of modern homes. Instead of placing your furniture against the walls, place it somewhere in the middle, the floating furniture aspect creates a modernized look. Use furniture that matches with your style and personality, you can check out Danetti for awesome deals. With the need for less pieces, you can invest more into the ones you do choose and go with quality over quantity. It will also make your home easier to clean!

The walls
If it's a new house, you're moving into, make sure the walls are not stacked up with wallpaper or layers of paint. Get a professional to remove them for you, or roll up your sleeves and get to work. A blank canvas will give the house a better look when it's painted. Also, don’t choose a dark color especially if the house is small as it will close in the space. A light neutral is far better and will make the house look a bigger and will allow for the light to bounce around. An integrated space is the pinnacle of a modernized look- fewer walls will do the trick with an open play layout.

The roof
For a stylish look, you could embrace the flat and simple roof design for your house as most traditional houses have pitched and gable roofs. In the inside, settle for a vivacious color and if it has to match that of the walls, choose it a shade brighter. Old fashioned houses have light fixtures in the middle of the roof. Ditch that and choose to have the lights fixed at different angles of the roof or on the wall near it.

D├ęcor, appliances, and finishing
Use statement pieces to decorate your house and don’t forget to put up contemporary art. They will showcase your style and give it an gorgeous modern look. Also use plants, either fake or real along with vases of seasonal flowers to bring in colour and texture. Vases are a big part of modernized homes and you could have fun here and go with large statement styles if you wanted. Don’t forget to add rugs and other soft furnishings to bring in a homely look. 

Less is more with a contemporary look. Do away with all clutter and create more space for a simple look. You can sell some of this stuff and get some extra bucks or if you are too attached to it, put it in boxes and keep it in the attic or basement or the garage until you are able to completely get rid of it.

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