Relax and Refresh: Five Ways You Can Unwind After a Long Day at Work

Stress is a part of life and most people tend to feel stressed after work and they tend to carry their stress home. This should not be the case because after work one should go home to a place where one can relieve stress and relax. The problem is that most people do not know the best way to relieve stress and that’s why they tend to take their stress home and take them back to work the following day. Here are simple tips on how one can relieve stress after a long day at work.

1. Switch off from Work
The reason as to why most people take their stress home is because they take their work home. Switching off from the work-related activity is the first step to relieving work-related stress. This includes not checking your emails from work and disabling notifications. When you feel really stressed with work you do not need to keep checking your emails as this will only increase stress and take you back to the work mode. Take a break and you can take it from where you left off the following morning.

2. Take a long warm bath
Water especially warm water relaxes the body, after work, it’s advised to take a long warm bath. Taking a warm shower or immersing yourself in a bathtub for at least 30 minutes can have a very refreshing effect and can go a long way in relieving stress. You could even look into cannabis oil for sale which can be used in the bath- it's safe and legal and the oil enhances the relaxation mode.The nutrients within the oil have been known to help people unwind. Indulging in some 600mg CBD oil during a bath or movie time will help calm you down. After a day of hard-work, it's something a lot of us need!
3. Have a banana
When you're feeling stressed, you might be surprised to hear that eating a banana can really help you feel better. The reason for this is that bananas contains potassium, and scientists have found that potassium can lower blood pressure and at the same time help to relieve stress. Eating a banana or two can reduce stress and help prevent damage from the effect of stress.

4. Listen to Music
Music has that soothing and calming effect. Scientists have found that listening to music with slow tempo can go along to reducing stress and its negative impact. After work one should select their favorite playlist while focusing on the one with low tempo. The other reason for this is that it lowers slows down the body breathing, heart rate and eventually blood pressure helping one relieve stress.

5. Get a Massage
After a long day of work, nothing works better a body massage. In most cases the body parts are tense from the long day of work and message offers a chance of relaxation. A massage does not have to be intense of from a professional. One can ask a friend or a spouse to work on the tense muscles. Massage helps loosen the tight muscles and ultimately gives the body that sense of relaxation leading stress relieving. In message it’s advisable to start with the feet and work all the way to the face muscles.

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