The Property Maintenance Tasks You Can't Afford To Forget While Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is upon us, and this means most of you will have your rubber gloves on and cleaning supplies out! It’s time to give your house a big clean from top to bottom, but are you forgetting about a few important things? When it comes down to it, spring cleaning isn’t just about making your house cleaner, it’s about giving it a full-on checkup to get everything looking and working properly after a long hard winter. As a result, there are many property maintenance tasks you can’t afford to forget while spring cleaning this year. 

Inspect Your Roof
If your roof had any hidden cracks or holes in it, then the chances are the beast from the east found them for you! Yes, that massive storm we had caused many an attic to fill with snow, thanks to small cracks in the roofing that homeowners didn’t know about. If you were lucky enough to escape this, then you need to head up to your attic and inspect your roof just in case. Who knows, high winds - in conjunction with snow and freezing temperatures - could’ve caused cracks to develop, but not fully open up yet. It’s vital you pick up on roofing issues so you can fix them before they cause leaks, water damage, and ruin your home! Read more about deck maintenance tips and tricks from a deck building company in Chicago.

Check Your Drains
The plumbing and drainage system in your property can take an absolute battering over the winter months. Leaves fall off trees and end up in your drains and guttering, then you have all kinds of other debris blown in from bad weather. This can easily cause blocked drains, which smell awful and also prevent proper drainage function in your home. Then, think about all the cold weather we’ve had recently and how that can wreak havoc on your pipes. Many of you may have frozen pipes that could burst if they’re not tended to. The bottom line is; check your drains while you spring clean this year!

Paint Your Home
Luckily for you, the last property maintenance task is arguably the easiest of the lot. Well, at the very least, it doesn’t present a great deal of risk. After inspecting your roof and checking your drains, you may find problems that cost a lot of money to fix. Here, all you have to do is paint the outside of your home! Give it a nice coating of paint, so it looks like a new home once more. Sure, you can spend ages cleaning your house inside, but what about the way it looks on the outside?! A new lick of paint is a must after a long winter. Doing this also lets you see if there are any cracks in the walls, which you can fill as you paint. So, you kill two birds with one stone!

Ensure you give your home a proper spring clean by doing all of these property maintenance tasks. There’s no excuse for not checking things like your roof and drains, neither of these things takes much effort at all. As for painting, well, it needs to be done at some point, so why not get it out of the way while you’re spring cleaning?

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