Upgrades in the Office: Why Buy Wooden Furniture?

Before industrial revolution happened, the term ‘furniture’ was synonymous with wood. After humans developed the ability to make furniture from materials other than wood, steel, aluminium, plastic and even glass furniture came about. Though other materials are good furniture materials in their own ways, wood has its own charm and significance that other materials cannot emulate. Let’s talk briefly about the benefits of wooden furniture within an office. 

Easy to Maintain and Clean 
Wood’s strength and integrity makes it a lot easier to maintain. Just cleaning wooden furniture with some wood cleaner regularly is all the maintenance and care you would probably have to provide. Make sure the furniture isn’t exposed to dust or water. In case the furniture gets exposed to the elements, carry out remedial action immediately. 

Look and Feel 
Wooden furniture gives any space a sophisticated and earthy look. Very few materials can boast of the artistry that wood lets a professional craftsman put on display. Real wood office furniture would feel and look more natural compared to man-made pieces, thereby rendering your entire workspace welcoming. Moreover, since wood does not conduct heat like metal or glass, it feels warm always, which your employees and visitors would appreciate. 

Strength and Durability 
Wooden furniture is known for its resilience and strength. Wood is a natural, long-lasting material that can withstand constant abuse such as scratches and spills. Minimal care is enough for solid wood furniture to last generations. This is not the case with particle boards or plywood. Most wood furniture manufacturers employ reliable joinery techniques, such as dovetailing, to strengthen wood so that it could easily stand up against wear and tear and impacts. 

Wood is sustainable or, in other words, environment-friendly. If wood comes from trees and trees need to be cut down to harvest wood, how can wood furniture be deemed "sustainable" or "eco-friendly"? The answer to this lies in wood’s long life and the fact that trees grow at a much rapid pace than the rate at which standalone wood deteriorates. In other words, if a tree has been cut down for its wood, several trees would have been grown by the time the original wood gives up the ghost. Other materials such as plastic and glass are not natural and people don’t realise that making these materials takes a toll on the environment’s natural resources. 

Overall Better Value 
Wooden furniture is definitely expensive compared to furniture made from other materials. The high price tag could be hard to digest in the beginning, especially if you had to work out of your budget to buy the furniture. However, you would realise the value behind your purchase once you start to use wooden furniture and witness how well it holds up together despite months and years of usage. The wear and tear is minimal to none, which means you would spend little money to keep the furniture’s original shape and condition. And if budget is truly a major concern, you can choose from a variety of woods that could be bought for what you’re willing to splurge. 

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