What Does Your Wedding Bouquet Say About You?

Few aspects of a wedding are the subject of quite as much fascination and symbolism as the bridal bouquet. It seems that everyone has a slightly different idea of what the wedding bouquet can and should be and represent. However, the truth is that your nuptials are very much your own, so much the same principle should be applied to your bridal bouquet. Here are a few things to think about when you want to ensure your bridal bouquet is the perfect one for you. 

Bridal flowers have rich and varying connotations 
Given the popularity of flowers over thousands of years for prestigious celebrations such as weddings, it should barely be a surprise that different flowers have come to accumulate many different associations that are intriguing and inspiring in equal measure. It’s therefore well worth researching what certain wedding flowers have long been interpreted to represent, and how this may influence your own eventual wedding bouquet. Did you know, for example, that Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet combined myrtle- an emblem of love and marriage, from the garden of the late Queen Victoria with hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, ivy and Sweet William? The latter is associated with gallantry, and was an obvious nod to her groom. 

Do you desire a traditional or contemporary vibe? 
It may appeal to you to explicitly or implicitly link your choice of wedding flowers to the venue at which you intend to tie the knot. Our own Château BouffĂ©mont in France, for example, is the traditional fairytale venue in an enchanting setting of spectacular manicured French grounds, and simply exudes aristocratic charm. This may lead you to consider the merits of a more traditional approach to your bridal bouquet, such as a reimagining of your mother or grandmother’s wedding flowers, perhaps incorporating a swatch of fabric or ribbon as “something old” or “something blue”. However, if you take pride in being an unashamedly contemporary bride of contemporary sensibilities, you may instead look to select wedding flowers that signify this. You may be captivated by the notion of fresh and vibrant florals in asymmetrical arrangements incorporating such bold touches as colour-blocking or tying with a graphic ribbon. 

What are the meanings behind the most popular flowers? 
We alluded above to the in-depth symbolism that will be almost as compelling to many observers of your wedding bouquet as the flowers themselves. Superstitious couples are particularly advised to consider what their choice of flowers may indicate. Among the most frequently sought bridal flower options are anemone, which represents the anticipation that you may feel as you walk down the aisle, and white calla lilies, which symbolise purity and innocence. A daffodil, meanwhile, may be an especially excellent choice of buttonhole for your groom, given its connections to regard and chivalry. The bouquet flowers that you select may also include ones that you personally associate with various aspects of your past or present life, beyond what your research may indicate them to represent. Many brides love to include daisies in their bouquet, for instance, in recognition of the flowers that they may have played with outside during their youth. 

Truly, your wedding bouquet can say any number of things about you – and when you carefully research and consider your choice of bridal flowers, you can help to ensure those associations are only ones utterly befitting the nature of your union. For a little additional fun, you could even take this BuzzFeed quiz enabling you to figure out what kind of bride you are – and what that may mean for your choice of bouquet.

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