A Healthy Body and Mind Isn’t Elusive As You Think

woman preparing a healthy lunch with salad leaves and plates of food

We all want to feel healthy in body and mind, but let’s be honest, sometimes this is much easier to hope for than it is to achieve. If you were to go off advertisements alone, then you’d think the only way to achieve long-term happiness would be to forever have all the latest clothes and gadgets; but as anyone who has tried this approach knows, this will only get you so far. Still, a healthy body and mind aren’t as elusive as you might have thought. Indeed, it just requires a few subtle shifts in action and thinking. Here’s how you can go about it. 

To the Outdoors
You wouldn’t know it by taking a look at how most of us live, but mankind was not designed to be inside all day! Yet that’s more or less how most of us spend our time; we drive to work, sit there for eight or more hours, and then return to laze about in our living rooms. If you’re doing this, then it won’t be long before you’re beginning to feel a little bit down. Spending time in nature has been shown to have an almost instant positive effect on our mental well-being. Next weekend, take a drive out into the country, and go for a long walk - you won’t regret it! 

Giving Up Bad Habits
We live in a culture that recommends that you have everything you want, whenever you want. But often these things aren’t good for us, as in the case of fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes. If you’re living with these three things as a major presence in your life, then you’re going to find it pretty difficult to be healthy! So let’s cut them out of your life. For smoking, you can transition to a nicotine-free existence by getting a beginner vaping kit, many people find that after making the transition to vaping it's easier to break the habit entirely. For drinking, it’s about finding ways to socialise without automatically hitting the bar with friends. And fast food? Well, it might be delicious, but take a look at how bad it is for you, and you might just steer clear of that take away next time around. 

Eating Well
Of course, you’re going to have to replace that fast food with something, but what? You guessed it...cooking healthy meals in your own home. People often shy away from cooking, because they think they’re not good at it or that it’s too time-consuming, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone can learn how to cook simple, healthy meals, and, what’s more, these meals can sometimes be prepared in under twenty minutes. Give it a try - once you’re familiar with the kitchen, you might just find that it’s an activity that you enjoy doing. Imagine!

A Run a Day
If you don't want to visit the gym multiple times a week you don't have to. They’re expensive, can be a bit intimidating, and they’re not all that fun. But that doesn’t mean you get to get away with doing no exercise whatsoever. Going for a short run a day can make a big difference to your mental and physical well-being. If you haven’t been for a jog in a while, strap on those running shoes and get out there: once you’ve finished and are basking in those endorphins, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start so much earlier. When the weather is bad, you can work up a sweat with one of those popular ‘seven-minute workout’ apps that focus on all the key areas.

Finding a Purpose
Now, forgive us for getting a bit deep, but what’s your purpose in life? Don’t worry; there’s not supposed to be an answer. We’re all preoccupied with our jobs and all the daily responsibilities, so our reason for normally taking a backseat. But it’s worthwhile asking the question; one of the reasons why the people in Okinawa live the longest is because they’re happy, and the reason they’re happy is that they’ve found something, however small, that gives value to their day. It could be a vegetable garden, helping others, or trying to crack that guitar solo: whatever it is, it’s well worth trying to find yours. 

Stand Up
Finally, one last word of advice for those wanting to live a happy, physically healthy life: get moving! That means in all senses. If you’re pushing forward, you’ll always be testing your mind and body. Sitting still is the enemy of growth: get moving, and you never know where it’ll take you in the future. 

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