Caring For Your Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know

Extensions are a most widely used beauty accessories on the market today, and for good reason. Not only can hair extensions add instant glamour but they can add length and thickness in an instant, allowing you to switch up your look and even try out hairstyles that wouldn't be possible with your real hair. When you buy good quality hair extensions they can last you for a long time, however just like with your real hair you will need to care for them. 

Protect From The Sun
In the summer or on sunny days, be sure to protect your hair extensons. You could cover them with a hat or scarf, or apply liberal amounts of heat protectant spray to prevent them drying out. Unlike out natural hair, extensions receive no nourishment or oils from the scalp and so are prone to becoming brittle in hot weather. 

Be Careful With Protein
With both your natural hair and hair extensions, you should be avoiding products with excessive amounts of protein. While some protein is good, too much will leave hair feeling dry brittle so be careful you're not 'killing it with kindness'. Use products that include balanced ingredients. A protein mask made up of eggs and oil can be applied to the hair for a protein boost, but no more than every couple of months. 

Fight Frizz
Frizz-control serum and other products can be used in small quantities to tame frizz. Make sure you don't use an excessive amount of this, and wash once a week with a deep-cleanse shampoo to prevent build-up, as this will leave your hair weave looking dull and flaky.

Wash Carefully
Avoid washing your hair extensions excessively as it strips hair from the essential oils that moisturize it. This is true of all hair types, whether it's Malaysian body wave, European or Indian hair bundles. When you need to do wash your hair, use brands that are known to be gentle or specially designed for extensions.

Deep Condition
A hair conditioner is essential for all hair types, and whether it's natutral hair or extensions. Use a hydrating mask or conditioner on the bottom two thirds of the hair after every shampoo (avoiding the scalp as it can make hair greasy more quickly). You can even make homemade masks that are very nourishing with regular kitchen ingredients- check online for recipes. 

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