Five Things to Look for in a New Air Conditioner

Whether you are replacing your old air conditioner or buying a new one for the first time, it's important to consider some factors in order to avoid regrets in the future for spending your hard-earned cash on something non-efficient. A good air conditioner should be comfortable, durable, easy to use and energy-efficient. Here are five of the most important things to look for in a new air conditioner.

1. Efficiency
When you go shopping for a new air conditioner, look for one with an Energy Star label. This means that the system meets the minimum energy requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Usually, these systems have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of more than 15 hence they can effectively eliminate heat from a place. The higher the SEER rating, the higher the efficiency of the air conditioning system and hence the better the performance. 

2. Noise
Depending on where you intend to install the air conditioning system, it’s important to consider the number of decibels it generates when running. This is usually indicated in terms of dbA rating on the air conditioning system. The higher the rating, the noisier the system. Most systems have a dbA rating of 50, but if you intend to use it in places like a bedroom or living room, then it’s important to shop for something quieter. 

3. Size
The appropriate size for an air conditioner depends on the space that needs to be cooled. The larger the space, the larger the air conditioner you will need to keep the space at the right temperatures. Typically, an air conditioner’s power is measured in British thermal units(BTU). Generally, you’ll need 20 BTUs of power per square foot of space. It’s also important to choose the right colors for your indoor and outdoor finishing and furniture in order to maintain optimal temperatures in your house. The dulux color chart helps you to select the most appropriate color depending on your needs and environmental conditions hence saving the costs and maintenance of high power systems. 

4. Digital controls
Always inspect the different controls that the air conditioner provides before buying one. Good air conditioning systems should have automatic timers in addition to the remote controls available in many systems. These automatic timers will enable you to program the system to turn off when you intend to leave for work or some prolonged activity and turn back on in time to cool the house before you return home. 

5. Brand 
When shopping around for an air conditioner, it's important to look for a good company that you can trust in terms of the quality of the system. Good brands usually offer warranties, maintenance plans and installation services for their clients. This will, in turn, save you on costs, time and durability since you will have better performing and long-lasting air conditioning systems. 

Generally, buying a new air conditioning system is a huge investment, and hence it’s worth taking your time and considering some of these factors while you’re shopping before settling on a air conditioning device of your choice.

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