Five Ways to Stay Stylish in 2018

It’s always a challenge to follow the latest fashion trends. Year after year they change radically, turning your wardrobe into a pile of outdated outfits you’d never want to be seen in. But don’t worry, 2018 is a rather forgiving year. You don’t have to always follow the bandwagon, dressing in style isn’t about updating your wardrobe with what’s new and hot from the shelves. This article will show you 5 tips to being stylish in 2018, from building from what you already have in your closet, to considering signature items like Joseph Ribkoff clothing. Excited now? Let’s begin!

1. Mix and match
As mentioned, you don’t have to throw away everything in your closet. For sure you can find something classy and stylish to wear for this year. As long as it fits you, there’s no stopping you from wearing what you want. If you’re scared of wearing the same things over and over, mixing and matching is your best friend. Pull out your tops and lay it on your bed, then try matching it with an assortment of bottoms you already have. Some tank tops would go well with denim pants, or some leather skirts. Depends on where you’re headed for the day, choose your ensemble carefully by picking the right colors and the correct dress code.

2. Layer it up
There are a lot of ways to layer your clothes without looking too bulky and wrapped up. Especially when winter is coming, it’s important to invest in pieces that you can easily use to layer up. The basics of layering would be to wear something thin and warm underneath. Choosing the right inner layers would give you enough warmth and would allow for more clothes to be put on top without looking bulky. For your outer layers, choose items that can be easily added or removed such as jackets, coats, scarves, or sweaters. Make sure that your outfit looks complete even if you take off one layer or two.

3. Add something branded
It’s easy to look stylish and classy but if you want to level up your game and look fashionable, you gotta mix a prominent label to your outfit. Adding something Chanel would instantly upgrade your look. Whether it be a bangle, a purse, or some eyeglasses, the visible Chanel logo adds to your fashion credibility and it simply can’t be beat. Just don’t overdo it, lest you want to earn a -C social grade.

4. Stay comfy
It’s easy to give up comfort in the name of all these brands and fashion hypes, but don’t ever forget to put comfort first before impressing anyone with your impeccable taste. Surely, You don’t have to put up with a fur coat when you’re allergic to it, just because the season calls for it. Always choose the type of fabric whenever you’re buying clothes. You want items that are breathable and won’t suffocate you specially when you’re travelling. Don’t over accessorize too because you may end up looking like a Christmas tree who’s trying hard to make it to the runway.

5. Don’t forget your shoes
Your shoes is as important as your clothes when you’re styling an entire outfit. Like the above mentioned tip, choosing comfortable items also extends to your feet. If you’re having a casual day out, skip the heels and snuggle in your favorite sneakers or flat shoes. An entire day of roaming around and shopping and your feet will thank you for it by the end of the day. If you’re heading to the gym and want to keep stylish, choose cute and quality trainers that wouldn't break out on your treadmill session.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely post xx

    I've just started up gyming again and have more tank tops than not - happy to hear that a pair of jeans and tank top still goes together these days as I've really been outdoing myself with that option, usually I'd go to gym in the morning in a tank top and gym tights then after I've showered I'd throw on some high wasted jeans, another tank top and some heels and I still feel put together!

    Loving your blog xx