How Can You Accessorise Your Wedding Dress?

Once you’ve found the perfect gown for your big day, it’s time to start thinking about those finishing touches that will make it, and you, look even more amazing.  With that in mind, here is some simple advice on picking the perfect accessories for your wedding dress:

Less is Most Certainly More
Wedding dresses are beautiful, as are blushing brides, so adding too many accessories will only detract from things. So, instead of wearing a tiara, gloves, earrings, a necklace and a veil, choose one or two elements that you really like and which will enhance your natural beauty most and go with them. Also, try to spread accessories out as far as possible.

Choose a Matching Metal
Many women think that any metal will go with any wedding dress, but it is actually the case that some metals look better with certain colours. One example of this would be gold, which is perfect when paired with ivory due to its ability to highlight the rich tint of the dress. Another would be silver and platinum, which goes perfectly with a pure white dress because it doesn’t clash or detract from the fabric. Rose gold, yellow gold and silver all go well with diamond-white dresses if that’s what you’ve chosen. Of course, if your dress is filled with embellishments, you can throw this advice out of the window and match your accessories to the pearls or beading instead.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Jewellery
Accessorising your wedding dress doesn’t have to mean jewellery if you want to keep things more simple. A sash around your waist in a complementary colour, like the one at this shop, to your dress, a metallic belt, a fascinator or even a simple pair of gloves can add interest without going over the top. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Comfy Shoes are a Smart Choice
No bridal outfit is complete without a special pair of shoes, but you should try to shop for shoes that are comfortable as well as killer, like the shoes available at this company. Why? Because you’ll have to walk down the aisle, stand as you say your vows, mingle and dance - that’s a lot of time spent on your feet, and a comfy pair of shoes that have supporting straps at the ankles and toes will make a world of difference. Shop for your shoes when you’ve been walking around for a while, so they’ll fit swollen feet and break them in before the big day too.

The Perfect Veil
If you want to wear what is the ultimate bridal accessory - a veil- you’ll need to first ensure that you choose one which matches the colour of your dress as closely as possible, so that your look is cohesive. You’ll then want to choose a length that doesn't hide the beautiful detail in your dress or cause you to trip. Ideally, if you’re short, you’ll want a floor-length veil which will make you seem taller and more slender, or if you’re taller, a mid-length veil will improve your proportions. Birdcage veils are fun, flirty and perfect for brides of any size and shape.

Have fun finding the perfect finishing touches for your big day!

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