Top 10 Tips for Guitar Beginners.

It is often said that sweet melody is food for the soul, a cure, a go to, especially in times of stress and anxiety, a guitar if well if well orchestrated does that for you. Beginner guitarists need to learn the ropes of how to harness their craft if they are to come out on top. There are several key factors that come to play when learning how to best play the instrument, so taking a little bit of time to know them will go a long way in ensuring they become good if not the best Below is a list of them;  

1. Take time to learn the basic skills, the right way.
The idea is to become good and this is where most people pay no mind to, they usually jump straight into the complex staff and it ends up going all wrong for them, so get the basics right, learn the cords and their various notes, strumming, picking and the rhythm, get this basics right at your finger tips and you will be well on your way to becoming a top notch guitarist.  

2. Practice 
 "Practice makes perfect" I know that sounds a little bit cliche but its importance cannot be over-emphasized. Devote regular amount of time daily to practicing, it is actually advisable to get 20 to 40 minutes daily rather than going for 4 hours during the weekend s only. Practice the basics you learnt at the beginning make, sure you’ve got each step right before moving on to the next This daily effort will actually help you to be in sync with your instrument.  

3. Listen to others play 
 This might seem like an obvious fact but what people actually do is compare themselves to others instead of just keenly listening, so listen, to various specialists who have actually mastered the art ,whether live, in playlists or albums, the key thing is to make sure you get something out of it all.  

4. Learn the theoretical part of it  
According to a crucial, yet overlooked part of the learning process, this should come at the early stages of the learning curve as it gives the broader aspect of playing. The theory actually helps in understanding the musical part of it, so know each string by name and how it relates to the various notes, get to know how to read a chord chart, guitar tabs and fret-board if you are serious about becoming good at playing.  

5. Learn how to work around your weaker areas 
 lt is worth noting that the ride will not necessarily be smooth, you will hit bumps along the way and how best you handle the situation without pulling your hair off will be crucial to your success. The best way to work around your weaknesses is to break down each practice session into bits and parts so that when you get to your weaker areas you will give it more time but also don't beat yourself up if you don't get it right.  

6. Incorporate a variety of styles  
Do not get stuck in repeating the same style routine each time you take to practicing, Try something out of the ordinary every once in a while, even if you do not get it right, have fun while doing it but keep in mind that your fingers get the flow with a consistent routine.  

7. Exercise patience  
Rome was not built in a day. Do not speed up the process you'll just end up creating a mess rather take time at improving your skills Speeding the process will only and up with you getting frustrated and with no clear progress after all the journey to becoming the best is never ending.  

8. Shying out  
The best way is to rip the band-aid is not to shy off from performing in front of a crowd, i am not saying you go all public performing, no! the best way is to get a few of your friends to come listen to you play let say at your place, get them to give their honest opinion on your progress.  

9. Don't quit  
When starting tell yourself quitting is not an option, even when things seem to be going contrary to your expectations Remember winners never quit.  

10. Remember to have fun 
 It's not always that serious, and the key element to becoming a great is to enjoy the process, revel in it and in no time you will get better and better. Guitarists are the people who make music what it is and without them some songs would be just those songs! Not hits or elevating music, clearly they play a critical role in the music world.

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