Why Are You a Clutter-Keeper?

Many people would describe their home as being ‘cluttered.’ If this is the case at your house, you may be wondering why you seem to acquire so much stuff and why you just can’t seem to get rid of it. Well, this article intends to go some way towards answering this question for you. Once you have a better understanding of the internal workings of your mind, you may also be better placed to deal with the junk that litters your home.

You Love a Bargain
If you can’t walk past a sale at a shop without walking in, this may be a big factor as to why you are accumulating so much stuff. Of course, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a bargain every now and again, but you don’t want it to get out of hand. Try to avoid shopping as a form of entertainment, and don’t treat something as a bargain if you wouldn’t have bought it normally. Instead of impulse buying things, wait for a few days to see if you still want to buy it.

You Are Sentimental Person
Some people simply have a hard time letting things go. Everyone keeps some sentimental items but you don’t want this to get out of hand. If you are going to keep something sentimental, it should be stored properly so get self-storage deals rather than flinging it to the back of your closet. You may find that you could frame or otherwise display the items so that they take up wall space instead.

You Like to Stock Up
There is something comforting about ‘stocking up’ on all kinds of household essentials. And while it is true you can grab a bargain if you buy in bulk, there is no point holding onto stuff that goes bad or expires. Try to get into the habit of keeping things on a certain shelf in the fridge or at the front of your cupboards when they are approaching their expiration date as a reminder to use them.

You Buy ‘Aspirational Clutter’
Aspirational clutter essentially refers to items which you buy to make you a better version of yourself. For example, you may decide that you suddenly want to take up the guitar. But before you go out and buy one of these plus a host of books and other paraphernalia, it is worth taking some lessons or even renting a guitar to see if this is a hobby which is actually going to stick. If not, you are better off not wasting your money.

You Don’t Know Where to Begin
The final reason why you may be keeping hold of clutter is that you simply don’t know where to begin when getting rid of it. If this is the case, there are plenty of tutorials online which are going to give you the helping hand that you are looking for. Take your time and tackle the job one step at a time. Once you get the ball rolling, the job will become so much easier.

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