Escaping The City Into The Suburban Lifestyle

Some people live in the city like a blue whale swims in the oceans. Totally at home in the gusts of murky air, the regular as clockwork sounds of beeping horns at morning and evening rush hour. The high rise apartments that surrounding the inner city are full of young and aspiring talent just waiting to get their shot at climbing the corporate ladder. The old streets with attached homes are full of business owners that because of their way of professional life, wouldn’t have it any other way. But living in the city can be like being the only sane person in the psych ward for some people. Maybe you’ve been in the city all your life, and you thought you would never fall out of love with it. Perhaps you’re someone who has grown up in a different environment, but you came to the city for your career. Now, it's just not the same, and you’re getting awfully tired of it. Taking a train out of the city will bestow upon you great sights of the countryside and suburban communities. If your heart sinks wishing you were living the suburban lifestyle, then if you’re ready and willing you can buy your way into it.

How the city changes us
Living in the city, you are really in your own world surrounded by people who are also in their own world. This is two-fold because you’re physically or rather geographically a separate entity from the rest of the country. Capital cities are a prime example because everyone lives in cramped conditions and after a while, it feels normal, and it's the outside world that feels strange despite being the majority way of life. You’re also mentally thinking, talking, interacting and behaving in a way that is not seen outside of large cities. It's sad really because many people express feeling sad and lonely despite being surrounded by millions of people. It's a feeling of alienation. So many people, so many faces, yet none of them have any impact on your life, and thus life begins to feel as if it's lacking substance. We also get less and less patient with other people because you’re living such a busy life. You almost certainly don’t drive and or have a car, so you’re at the mercy of public transport. Running around on someone else’s time schedule changes your temperament and evidently, leads to the slow erosion of common courtesy. You might not be a rude person at heart, but the fast-paced lifestyle of the city will inevitably change all that.

Why are suburbs so attractive?
Of all the people you would think that would be breathing new life into the suburban market, no one could have guessed it would be millennials. Generation X would seem like the more likely group to flock back into the middle spot of lifestyles. However, it's because so many young people have seen that city life doesn’t offer them much more than career success. So starting a family is among the concrete jungle is firmly being rejected by soon to be parents. But why would the suburbs be their choice and not the inner suburbs that surrounding large cities? Well for one, they’re far from any airports with colossal commercial aircraft booming overhead as they take off and come in for landings. They also have a much better chance of their children getting into their school of choice. In cities, it's a scramble to get your kid into the best school you can, preferably the one that doesn’t take three-quarters of an hour to get to every morning. Outdoor space of your own! Yes, possessing your own garden where your children can play sports and enjoy a family swimming pool in the summer is a very attractive prospect. Suburban homes laugh at the size of rooms you’ll get for a property three times more expensive. Bedrooms aren’t little caves, and you more than likely have one spare room you can turn into whatever you would like. The other localized concerns such as noise pollution and crime rates are inherently lower also.

Selling your way in
We all wish we could just snap our fingers and at the drop of a hat, just move into the home we want. But if you’re going to finally make the break and relinquish yourself from the city life, a little legal work won’t hurt. Many people don’t realize that purchasing a house is an incredibly important act to the government. You are buying land in a sovereign land which means it isn’t going to be like any other purchase you will ever make in your life. It cannot be done between just the buyer and the seller, a legal team is required for the conveyancing. What is conveyancing you ask? Well by the definition, it's the legal process of changing the ownership of a property and the new owners being formally recognized by the legal framework of the country. But first things first, you need to sell your own property before you can buy your new home; unless you’re stuffed to the gills with money. The conveyancing fees for selling a house vary predominantly because each legal firm has their own way of doing things. Rather than contacting your estate agent to find you a conveyancer, it's best just to do some simple calculation and see which conveyancing company offers you the best price for their services. It's easy, just use the ‘sale only’ calculator. Punch in the number of sellers involved, the sale price, the postcode of the property, and state whether the property you’re selling is freehold or leasehold. You’ll then be asked for some additional information and then you’ll be given an estimate for the multiple options for the conveyancing services. Pretty easy and gives you a rough idea of the fees you will be charged before you can really get the ball moving.

Careers need not suffer
One thing that dashes many people’s dream of owning a home in the suburbs and moving out of the city is the fear that your career will suffer. In reality, it's a little harder to get to and from work, but it's not the end of the world. If you plan your commute correctly, you can get to work at the same time you always have. You can drive to the train station that has trains departing to your former city, and shoot your way directly into the heart of the center as most major terminals are present in a very strategic location in the city. You can still get to work on time, the only thing you’ll need to change and keep consistent is your wake up time. If you’re willing to wake up half an hour to an hour before then you normally would, then adapting to a suburban lifestyle is going to be just fine for you.

At first, you might feel right at home in a large city. The fact that everything is very close to each other such as grocery stores, doctor surgeries, restaurants and healthcare shops is very alluring. However, millennials are showing that the glamor and pull of city life don’t last forever. Couples that want to start a family especially want space and a slower-paced life so they can live at lower stress levels. There’s also a community vibe that is very attractive as opposed to the dreaded loneliness of the city. Suburbs almost have an unwritten rule that at a certain time, noise pollution stops and everyone respects each other’s need for sleep. Selling your home with the right legal team smoothes out the transition further and gets you closer and closer to your new home.

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