Five Ways to Save On Your Summer Holidays

We all get excited when the first summery days arrive and start thinking about how to spend our well deserved summer break. If you are looking to get more for your money, you have to book smarter next time. You might have a destination or at least continent in mind, but the average prices are high. If you are not looking to compromise, below you will find a few tips on getting the most value for your money when booking your holiday.

Rent a Villa 
When traveling with kids in the summer, you will find that hotels are either fully booked or too expensive. To avoid the crowd and the queue at breakfast, you might want to team up with friends and family members and rent a large villa with a private beach and swimming pool. You can take turns doing the shopping and cooking and share the cost of accommodation and other supplies. Your kids will also love the freedom to run around without having rules.

Go All Inclusive 
If you are planning to book a summer getaway, you might be better off going all inclusive with kids. It is hard to control the budget when there are temptations on every corner. Your kids will want to try every drink offered, and eating out with picky kids can cost you a fortune. Instead, find a great all inclusive resort, or at least book half board, so you are able to budget better.

Vouchers and Coupons 
While comparing holiday prices can be a great idea, you will also have to visit voucher and coupon offers to see if you can grab yourself a bargain. You can find cruises and package holidays, even a Tui discount code you can use for booking your flights, accommodation, and transfers together.

The Road Less Travelled
To make your budget stretch even further, you might want to seek alternative destinations for your summer vacation. The good news is that most of continental Europe is hot in the summer months, so you can go literally anywhere to enjoy some sunshine. Try Belgium, Germany, or France for a difference, and combine a beach holiday with some cultural experience. There are some great, less known resorts to choose from all over the world with cheap flights.

Rent a Car 
When you travel with your family members, booking a transfer might not be the best idea. You get charged per person, and chances are you will get a small family car for the price of your transfer. This means you can get out of the tourist resort and get shopping in smaller towns, exploring more, and getting more value for your money. Save money by getting a car, shopping in local supermarkets, and visiting the market by car.

Whether you are planning a beach holiday with the kids or an extended family getaway, you can use these smart tips to save money. Book smart, use vouchers and coupons, and find a destination that is not that popular, therefore, flights are cheaper.

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