Is Your Business Embracing These Digital Trends?

Keeping up to date with technology is important for any business that hopes to contend with its competitors. Modern technology can speed up business, make your company more organised, cut costs and give your company a more professional public image. Whilst some digital technology is largely a gimmick, there are other digital trends that have proved themselves to be impactful in recent years – by not embracing these trends, you could be starting to slip behind. Here are some of major digital trends every modern business should be embracing.

Cloud technology
Some companies are still storing things on computer hard-drives, whilst others have graduated to in-house servers. Both these measures have a major weakness – if there’s a burglary or a fire or a natural disaster, all your data could be lost. Modern businesses are now using cloud storage as a useful backup – this involves storing all your files on a remote server that can be accessed from any location. If your physical premises is burgled or destroyed, this means that you can still access all your files and keep your company running as it was before. The fact that you can also access the cloud from any location means that you can work more flexibly, continuing work from home or even on the train to work. There are lots of different cloud providers out there, so make sure that you do your research to find the best one for your company.

Data analytics
Data analytics is a way of using huge amounts of data to find trends that can help your business to grow and improve. It can be used to streamline everything from digital marketing to stock-keeping to risk assessment. Analytics software such as Tableau is able to do the calculations for you – you can find Tableau training courses across the web. You can also use plug-ins on your website such as Google Analytics as a means of monitoring your website visitors and finding out exactly what kind of people are going to your site.

Video communication
Video conferencing is the new way of conducting meetings. By using software such as Skype, you can conduct in person meetings with clients and suppliers without having to leave you office. Both parties don’t have to travel anywhere, saving time and money. You can even conduct job interviews, seminars and guided tours using video-communication.

Social media marketing
Social media was thought to be a fad a few years ago when the likes of Myspace rose and fell. Nowadays it’s clear that social media is here to stay with the likes of Facebook and Youtube remaining as successful as ever. Companies have realised that social media can be a great marketing tool for offering updates on news and promotions to existing clients, as well as engaging with new potential leads. Make sure you’ve got a Facebook page – it’s become almost as necessary as having a website nowadays.

Search engine optimisation
With so many company websites out there vying for attention, many companies are now having to learn the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is a means of improving one’s rankings on search engines like Google so that more people visit. Its possible to pay SEO companies to do this work for you. Alternatively, you can use online guides to help with keywords and processes such as building web presence.

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