Out in the Open: Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are getting more and more popular as we slowly start to actually see the sun for a few weeks every summer. They offer an alternative to the traditional wedding setting, allowing you to create a whole new atmosphere that gives off festival vibes. As you can imagine, planning an outdoor wedding is different to planning a traditional indoor one. There are different things to consider, and here are some of the biggest:

A Good Location
You can’t just host your wedding in a random park or field. Well, you could, but I mean you really shouldn't. Instead, you need to look around for a good outdoor location to make the most out of your wedding. It should be naturally beautiful, while still remaining fairly intimate. A lot of hotels have outdoor garden areas that are perfect for this exact idea. Similarly, if you’re blessed with a big back garden, then you can save a lot of money by holding your wedding there. Some people even get married on the beach - it’s up to you! The main thing is that you don’t get married in a public place where lots of people can walk by and potentially ruin your day. Or, make sure you’re not in a location that’s considerably dull and ugly. 

A Wedding Dress Fit For The Outdoors
The thing with an outdoor wedding is that you’re unlikely to see a very traditional bridal gown on show. It just doesn’t fit in with the whole vibe of an outdoor wedding, you need to get something that suits the situation. As you can see on the Fairytale Brides website, there are lots of different wedding dress styles out there. Here, you’re looking for something that’s not too gowny but looks more like a nice bodycon dress. Of course, it will still have the supreme style of a wedding dress, but you really want something that’s more diverse and not very restrictive. 

Something To Provide Shelter
For the ceremony part of your wedding, you can very well hold it in the open outdoors. In fact, this is a very beautiful thing to do when the sun is shining. But, for the reception, you want to host it with a roof of sorts over your head. This helps you avoid bad weather catastrophes while creating the perfect setting for your wedding. Therefore, you need to think about hiring a big marquee or two, or maybe even a tipi. Tipis have become very stylish and popular for outdoor weddings, and they tend to offer more space. Either way, you need to have something that provides shelter, just in case the weather is bad, but also to help build a beautiful outdoor setting for your wedding reception. 

Generally speaking, if you get these three things right, then your outdoor wedding will be a success. At least, from a visual perspective anyway! A good location helps set the scene, and you have the natural beauty of the landscape to help create great wedding photos. Obviously, you want your dress to fit in with the theme and not make you look out of place. Finally, something like a marquee helps add to the atmosphere and complete the scene.