How Do You Use a Crank Tilt Patio Umbrella?

Do you love spending time in the garden in the summer, but find you can get a little sunburned if you're out all day? The UK might not be known for it's brilliant weather, but we do get a good few hot days over the summer, and so it's worth looking for a solution. If you invest in a garden umbrella that can tilt at different angles this will keep you cool and shaded while you're reading a book, having a barbeque or enjoying a glass of wine. This post will be talking about how to crank tilt patio umbrellas, as while useful they can be a little fiddly to use until you've got the knack.

Crank it open
Most of the umbrellas on the market are those that use the crank to tilt in different positions and angles. They are actually the best kind of umbrellas because they are easy to control and require minimal manual work. Most of the work is done by the crank. Start by turning the crank which in turn slowly opens the umbrella. You can't tilt the umbrella without first cranking it open so do this first, and keep the joints of the umbrella lubricated for easy cranking. This will keep your parasol in good working order, year after year.

Tilt the canopy
Once you have opened the umbrella to its full width, only then are you able to tilt the canopy. For these kinds of umbrellas, you achieve the tilt simply by continuing to crank the umbrella. Don't just stop at the point where the umbrella is fully opened, continue cranking and watch as the umbrella begins to tilt. Unlike manual tilting umbrellas where you have to stand up and initiate the tilt yourself, with this type of parasol this element is done for you.

Get your desired tilt angle
The great thing about these kinds of parasols is that you can adjust the tilt. This means as the sun moves through the sky you can move the umbrella to shade you from any angle. With the crank umbrellas, the more you turn the crank, the more you achieve the angle you desire making it easy to do. Turn the crank in the direction you want to angle it, until it reaches a position where you're completely shields you from the hot sun.

Lock it in place
Everything about this umbrella is easy, so even if you're not handy in the garden or you're not very strong it's no hassle. Its so easy, even your kids will be able to do it. Once you have your desired angle you simply need to stop cranking the umbrella for it to lock in place. It is as simple as that. The more you crank it the more you change the canopy angle, but the moment you stop turning the crank, the umbrella will automatically lock into place.

Don't allow yourself to get sunburned, invest in a good garden parasol- and if you choose a crank variety it's so easy to use. Provide your outdoor seating area with some shade and enjoy your garden while the weather lasts!

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