Pampering Your Pooch From Home

Our dogs are part of the family and deserve to be pampered every now and then. We’re not talking about your average trip to the groomers, most dogs actually hate that! We’re talking about the pampering that you can give them from the comfort of their own home, where they’re in an environment where they actually feel relaxed. Just like a human would, a dog really does need a pamper every now and then. After a few weeks of running around in the rain, and running through bushes that are covered in feces, they’re obviously going to need a little pamper to get them back to a nice healthy state. There are some people out there that really do neglect this part of owning a dog, and we really don’t want you to be one of them. If you’re wondering what you might be doing wrong, have a read of this article, and see if you like any of the tips we have below for you to pamper your pooch.

Clean & Fresh
Keeping things clean and fresh with your dog is literally essential. If you’ve ever walked into a home that has smelt potent with dog, we know you’re going to have heaved a little inside. Just like humans, they’re able to get so smelly and rotten. So, as much as a dog hates going to the groomers, they’re not necessarily going to hate going for a little clean when they’re at home. So, what we think you should do is get all the best pampering products for a dog that you can get. Go to your local pet store, you’ll be able to find it all in there. Then, guide them into the bathroom, perhaps with a treat or two. Some dogs are going to be reluctant to go through this process, purely because it’s an unfamiliar room. But once you get them into the bath or the shower, and give them a treat or two so they can stay calm, all should work out rather nicely. All you then need to do is channel your inner groomer, and let your pooch be pampered. Make sure you’re getting in between the pads of the paws, and around the private areas! Always make sure you’re blow drying them or thoroughly towel drying them. Nothing would be worse than going through all that effort, only for them to smell damp a few hours later! If you want to keep them fresh, we think you should look into some dog walking trousers… for dogs. It literally looks like they’re wearing a little pair of trousers, and it’s great for keeping their belly and legs dry when it’s wet outside!

Comfy & CosyIf you really want to pamper your pooch, you’re going to have to think about ways that you can keep them comfy and cosy. One of the ways of doing this is going to be obvious, but you would be surprised how many dogs actually don’t have a bed!! A bed is just as good for them, as it is for us humans. It gives them a place of comfort, and a place to truly relax. Dog beds come in all different shapes and sizes, so no matter how big your dog is, there’s going to be a bed out there for them. If you want our advice, the more padded the better. You want to try and get a thicker one, so it’s actually like a bed for them. People who give their dogs dog baskets, don’t realise that it’s no different for them than sleeping on the floor. Most owners who chose this option buy the bed purely for obedience, giving the dog a place to go when they’re needed out the way, which is actually rather sad!

Happy & Entertained
It’s no secret that dogs are some of the happiest animals on the planet. If you treat them right, they will show their gratitude in love and happiness. However, as easily as they can be happy, they can be needy. Dogs are meant to be active, and some breeds really do need to be kept entertained. This can be done through walks, dog classes, or even just having some fun with them around the home. The more you tire them out, the more likely they are to have a good night's sleep, just like you would! Always make sure you’re giving your pooch some love and affection, even if it means that you’re taking time out of your working day at lunch time. Just like humans, dogs actually can get depressed. If that isn’t one of the saddest things you’ve ever heard, then we don’t know what is!

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