Road Tripping Across the US: Planning Your American Adventure

If you have a travel bucket list, chances are you have 'road trip across America' scribbled down on there somewhere. With so many different routes, places to see and things to do it's one epic adventure which explains why it's something that so many of us want to do. Whether you've been toying with the idea for years or are finally at a stage where you're ready to make it happen, here are a few things to bear in mind when you're planning your trip.

Your Vehicle
When you're planning a road trip, the first thing to consider is what you will be driving. Will you drive a car and stop off at hotels and motels along the way- or will you drive an RV and have accommodation and transport in one? The benefit of an RV is that you can stop off in any location along the way (providing it's safe and legal) but you can also stay at campsites along your route which offer things like wifi, water and power you can hook up to. There are lots of companies that offer hire for all kinds of vehicles for road tripping, so do your research and decide which would be best for the type of trip you're planning.

Your Route
There are lots of set routes you can take for road trips across America. You could take the Pacific Coast, starting in Washington’s Olympic National Park and ending in sunny San Diego. You could take the 'Loneliest Road' travelling through a dozen different states. There are also routes that start all the way in Canada, giving even more incredible landscapes and views and things to do on your road trip. It's important to be prepared if you plan on doing this, if you want to visit Canada as well you will need a Canadian Visa ( as well as a US one ( Each place in Canada and America is so different that you should really put your research in and decide what kinds of places you want to see, landscape you want to view and activities you most want to do. Once you know this, it will be easier to plan your route. 

Food and Drink
When you go on a regular holiday to a destination or resort, you usually have food at the hotel and lots of surrounding cafes and restaurants making eating easy. However, when you're road tripping you will need to do a bit more planning. Some days you might be on the open road all day, with nothing but a few gas stations to stop off at. For this reason, it's worth packing up a cool box full of food and supplies from the grocery store that you can easily grab. If you plan your route ahead you will be able to see which towns and cities you will be passing through, and can do some research into what kinds of food establishments are there. When you're travelling through lots of different states, why not make the most of it and try the state's most famous dishes? America is of course famous for its buffets, burger joints and big portions so it's definitely a time to indulge.

What to Pack
A road trip where you're visiting lots of places is going to mean different climates and so you will want to pack for all weathers. You'll also need to make sure you're well equipped for all situations. In the daytime you might be trekking around a beautiful national park, and in the evening you might be eating at a fine dining establishment. A lot of the time you'll be in your vehicle and so you will want to be comfortable.

A road trip across the US allows you to see and experience so much of this beautiful country in a short space of time. You might not be able to visit every place in great depth but you'll get a feel for each place you pass through. Plus you can stop off wherever you want and take your time in the places that interest you the most. 

Have you ever been on an American road trip?

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