Background Tech: Scoping Out A Modern Employee

As companies grow to proportions never seen before, the way that business is done is having to change. Gone are the days when employers would trust their workers, allowing them the ease of a permanent job without any real background checks. Today, getting a job is a minefield of forms, questions, and snooping into your past. To help you to start using this sort of tool in your own business, this post will be exploring some of the technology which can be used to perform background checks on your prospective employees.

Social Media
 When you get your hands on a resume, it can be hard to know whether or not the information you’ve been given is true. With most people having a Facebook account, though, you can often find all you need to know about their educational history with a quick search. Social media can also be used to get an insight into how someone interacts with others. If they have a lot of immature posts, they might not be right for the job, as you won’t be able to rely on them to be professional.

Identity Verification
Along with checking their educational background, it is also worth taking some time to make sure they are who they say they are. This is best achieved using a combination of the trusted identity verification solution and digital referencing which can be sent to their old bosses. This might seem like a lot of effort, but it could save loads of hassle down the line, especially if you find that one of your potential candidates isn’t allowed to work in your country.

School Records
Nowadays, universities and colleges often have the power to store student records for a very long time. Some will make this available to access, enabling you to find the exact grades a person received. If this isn’t possible, a quick email or two will help you to find their lecturers, giving you the chance to find out if they are reliable from the source. This sort of professional will be used to giving out references for people, so they shouldn’t have any problem giving one to you.

Criminal Records
Finally, as the last part of this process, it’s time to think about your candidate’s criminal history. Most people will have an clean slate in this area, and you won’t have to worry too much. Of course, though, it will still be worth performing some online checks, as this can give you a good insight into someone’s past. It’s always best to avoid people who have something dodgy in their past.

Hopefully, this post will give you all of the help you need to start hiring employees without having to rely on trust. When you have loads of resumes in front of you, it can feel daunting to think of the work you have to do. The person you choose could be with you for years, though, and this makes it worth striving to find the very best one.

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