Is Your Garden Patio Up To Perfection?

If you have a good garden on your hands, there’s a very strong possibility that you’ve got a porch to work with. You’ve got plenty of space to pop some chairs and tables out there, with a canopy overhead and some good shade to relax in. It’s such a picturesque setting, it’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t have one! But if you don’t have any kind of outdoor seating area like that, now’s your chance to design and craft one, and it doesn’t have to be as resource consuming as you think! We all want our gardens to look the best out of our neighbourhood, and we always want to be able to enjoy our little slice of the outdoor world, so make sure the sitting and hosting area just outside your backdoor is as trim and perfect as possible. And here’s a couple of tips on getting started with just that.

Get the Right Foundation
Your patio is nothing without an actual patio for it to be built on! And sometimes the stone and tiles that already come with the house just aren’t suitable, and you have to do something about it. Thankfully, that’s a lot easier than ever before when oproducts like that of decking boards are out there for you to lay down. Easy to place, easy to take care of, and a very strong foundation for any kind of design to go on top of. But if you’d rather there was a good stone design underneath your feet, you can just as easily start tiling down a good pathway that goes right from the back door of your house all the way up to the end of your garden. It’s a nice touch that really brings a sense of unity into your garden, all starting at your patio edge. And it’s a more rustic touch to introduce, especially if you live in a cottage or a house that predates the 20th century or comes from the 50s or 60s.

Make the Area as Cosy as Possible
If you’ve got a patio, you’re going to want to use it, and you’re not going to want to do that if it’s a cold and undecorated area. So now’s the time to have some real fun with your garden design, seeing as there’s a lot of creativity you could unleash with making your new outdoor sitting area as cosy as possible! The obvious thing to do here is to plant plenty of flowers and other greenery to make sure you always feel like you’re sitting in your own slice of the tropics. You can get plant pots of varying sizes and keep the soil to a minimum, to make sure you never feel like you’re sitting surrounded by dirt, and to keep any ambitious bugs off of the tea and biscuits when you’re trying to enjoy a coffee break outside. It can be quite an intimate and private area this way, especially if you’ve boxed yourself in with some vertical decking and you’re the only one who can enjoy the area!  And then you’ve got to get the furniture right, and have plenty of soft surfaces to plop down on or nap on when the sun isn’t overhead and there’s a good breeze to enjoy in your garden. You can always stick a couple of deckchairs around if they take your fancy, but how about hanging up a hammock in the corner? Or getting a wicker chair to pack out with some cushions to make sure you’re never getting sore from sitting on a hard bench? Don’t forget the lighting in this area either, as you want to be able to introduce a calm and relaxing atmosphere whenever you’re sitting out on your aptio. Lamps with candles, fairy lights, and an outdoor fireplace etc. all work wonders for your mood and perception here.

If You’ve Got a Small Garden
Small gardens traditionally don’t have much to work with, and because of that we often feel like all we have is a window box to work with! When you’ve got only a couple of square feet of outside space to your name, you’re not going to want to try and pad it out with all kinds of products and ideas, seeing as you want some greenery to your name, but you can still have a patio.. Ultimately, you can turn the entire space into a patio, and then build everything up on top of it, including all the flowers you could ever want in your garden. Vertical planters in each corner, a canopy over the back door with trailing plants hanging off of the ends, or simply try and make the space look bigger than it is by mixing and matching the kinds of plants you plant out there. Even make a difference to your fence if you can, by curving it slightly or removing part of it to let the space breathe a little more.

Ready to Install a Proper Patio?
It won’t take as much time as it seems, and you can get a lot of work done in one day if you work through the summer sun we’re experiencing right now. That’s why a canopy or porch overhang is usually recommended to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your patio area, as you want to cool off, not slowly boil whilst you’re relaxing! But all in all, whether your garden is big or small, being able to extend your interior a little more into the outside world with a patio is a great way to add more value and functionality to your house. It’s why conservatories are so popular, and why there’s so much of a design craze over the kind of patios people are installing in their gardens. Jump on the bandwagon and let your creative muscles loose!

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