Boxer Dogs Make The Best Pets: Here's What You Need to Know Before Getting One

Boxers can seem intimidating with their rugged looks and relatively large size, however their friendly nature and silly personalities mean they're perfect for families. If you're planning to get a boxer, there are a few things in particular to bear in mind based on the breed, here's what you need to consider.

1. You need to adhere to a feeding schedule - as a dog owner, one of the most important things you need to establish with regards to your boxer is the feeding schedule. It may be tempting to just free feed your dog so that there will be less hassle for you, but in reality, you may be bringing in more trouble. Regular feeding means you know when to let them out and can establish a good toilet routine. This can make housetraining easier and you can get into good habits.

2. For puppies, introduce solid food gradually. Up until four weeks old, boxer puppies will only need milk for nutrition. At week four, you can start giving them solid food, but it must be done gradually and slowly introduced. If you are choosing to give them homemade food, you can begin by using a food processor for the meat that you will give, such as cooked chicken breast and vegetables. You can add milk replacer, and as time goes by, you can make the food chunkier until you won't need the milk replacer anymore and your dog is fully accustomed to eating solid food. Make sure to feed the right amount, being a large breed boxers need a lot of nutrition to grow so consult you vet and get advice.

3. Be wary with human food - some dog owners tend to just give table scraps to their dogs, thinking that if it is good enough for people, then it is good enough for their pets. While some human foods are good for dogs and can be made into healthy homemade dog food and treats, others are high in calories and fat and affect dogs negatively the same way they affect us- bad teeth, weight gain and disease. Do your research and feed human food with caution, making sure it fits in with their nutritional needs along with the pet food you feet them. 

4. For adults, feed them according to their weight - according to experts, the best way to know how much to feed your dogs is to check their weight. A boxer weighing 25 or more pounds should get a minimum of two to a maximum of four cups of a good quality kibble a day. Boxers that weigh 75 - 100 pounds should be getting 5-6 cups per day. If you notice any weight on your dog, whether they seem to be gaining too much weight or losing it, you can adjust the amount you are giving or ask your vet for advice

5. Make sure to feed high quality food - if you are making homemade food for your dog, this should consist of 45% meat (chicken breast, lean hamburger, tuna, etc), around 35% vegetables and the rest can be starch like rice or pasta. You can also check out the best dog food for boxers if you don't have the time to cook your dog's food yourself.

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