Don't Skip The Survey During Your Attic Conversion

Everyone loves an attic renovation. For many of us, it’s our best chance of creating more space in the home without moving. It can solve our storage problems, or provide space for a new room. As if that weren’t temptation enough, this could increase the value of your home. So, not only does it save you money, but it could earn for you, as well. With that in mind, you may well be bursting to get started. But, it’s crucial you take your time here. It may even be worth getting a surveyor to take a look at things before you start working. The downside to this is that you have to hold back for other people’s schedules. We know how frustrating that can be when you’re excited about a project. Still, your future self is sure to thank you for the time you take now. A surveyor can ensure any work you do will last in the long-term. Not convinced? Read on to consider why you can’t skip this step.

Safety first
A surveyor can ensure that your attic is safe. That’ll go a long way towards making your efforts here worthwhile. Bear in mind that your attic likely contains your house insulation. Given that insulation could contain asbestos, the need for professionals is evident. A surveyor will fast be able to spot and warn you about problems like these. That would then free you up to research the asbestos removal cost and consider the way forward. Given that asbestos causes various forms of cancer, this isn’t something you want to miss. Equally, a surveyor will be able to spot any signs of infestation before you move yourself in. With fleas from rats also posing health risks, that simple survey could save your life twice over!

Checking the foundations
Getting a survey also allows you to check your attic foundations. Rotting wood foundations have doomed many a conversion. The fact is, not every attic is strong enough to withhold work like this. Weakened foundations would undoubtedly struggle to support a bed and other heavy furniture. What’s more, it’s unlikely you would notice issues like these if using your attic for storage. But, they would soon become clear if you started work. In fact, they could lead to significant structural issues for your house if you aren’t careful. To make sure that doesn’t happen, sign up for that survey already. That way, you’ll be aware of weaknesses and able to strengthen them before they give way altogether.

A tick towards permission
It’s also worth noting that any attic conversion needs planning permission. Skip this, and you would have to undo any work started before permissions were granted. You would also damage your chances of acceptance. Instead, then, you should make sure to take any conversion down the correct routes. While a survey doesn’t constitute as planning permission, a clean bill of health could certainly help your chances. When you look at it like that, what have you got to lose?

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