Perfect Properties: Five Things to Bear in Mind When Styling Your Home

From wallpaper and furniture to accessories and color of the paint, there are various factors to ponder. This makes hiring a professional interior designer very popular. But here's the catch – you can still use your expertise and knowledge to renovate a home interior. The question is how? Here are some ideas for how to get started.

Know your house and its surroundings well 
It's crucial to pay attention to the type of house you are living in and its surroundings. If it is a little, old beach shack without much natural light and condensed rooms, improving the sense of space and getting the best out of the natural light is important. For instance, painted floorboards, thoroughly placed mirrors, fitted wardrobes with sliding doors and others are great to use. If it's a house that was built in a particular era, you might want to include some original features or incorporate decor from the time- even if it's modernised elsewhere. For example, light neutral walls and a modern kitchen with original tile flooring or fireplaces

Use proper lighting to set the mood 
The finish of a house comes down significantly to how well its lit– regardless of how luxurious, costly and beautiful some of the materials and items are, it will never look its best if it's dim and dingy. It's not a good idea to rely on a central single ceiling light because it will only result in a flat, cold looking room. Instead create numerous lighting points all throughout the room so that the lighting can vary in accordance to your needs and situations. Wall sconces and lamps at different heights all work well. If you use smart lighting, you can easily adjust the brightness or tone of the light with your phone or voice activated speaker/ 

Include accessories 
Create a designer look by using home accessories to finish the rooms, these pieces will make your property look homely and welcoming. Frames, vases, lamps, rugs, candles and ornaments are all examples of things you can use. One way you can accessorise to make your home look more luxurious is with art, not only gallery walls or big pieces. Art pieces are able to stand independently, and when done properly, they can build a language for a whole area. You can use your arts and crafts skills or expertise here or go to a gallery or store and pick something out you love.

Make your bedroom gorgeous 
There's nothing better than going to your room and laying on your bed after the end of a long day. Try integrating layers and textures to create an effortless and casual look, making the bed look and feel as cosy and inviting as possible. When styling a bed, don't overlook the bed frame- get this to tie in with your overall theme whether it's simple, lavish or sculptural. Another smart idea for your bedroom is to use fitted wardrobes giving you plenty of storage while looking sleek.  Capital Bedrooms can assist in upgrading the look and feel of your bedroom with exceptional fitted wardrobes manufactured in London. 

Be consistent 
When thinking about the home's design and style, it is best to picture the whole home in your mind and use a similar style all over it. A bit of variation can be done from one room to another, but always keep a sense of consistency during the home improvement process.

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