The Wedding Countdown: How to Prepare for the Big Day

Your wedding is considered the happiest day of your life, and so you want to ensure the months before are equally as happy and as stress-free. There are many elements you’ll need to oversee and organise, but you also need to keep your mood managed and under control, and eat well and exercise so you can look your best. If you’re getting married in a matter of months, here’s a guide on what to do the months, weeks and days leading up to the big day.

The Months Before 

Food Tasting 
Deciding what you wish to eat at your wedding is an important decision. You want to have food that you, yourself, enjoy, but you also want food that will impress your guests and also suit the theme of your wedding. For a low-key and rustic affair, a sit-down three-course meal may not be the best for your style of wedding. Instead, a buffet or large platter of food in the middle of every table may be better suited. Again, when it comes to your cake, you will want to decide on the flavours a few months before your wedding. There are many flavours to choose from, so decide on your chef via the style you want. If you want a naked wedding cake, then find a baker who can deliver in terms of appearance and ask what flavours they specialise in.

Dress Fitting 
If you’ve found your perfect dress, book in all the dress fittings that are required of you. Ask your seamstress how you should prepare for you fitting, whether you should lose weight in certain areas and how to maintain your weight. If you wish to lose weight, then there are many meal plans for weight loss that can help you reach your desired weight quickly. You can then keep that weight off.

Ensure Everything is Booked! 
If you’ve booked everything, from your band to your florist, to your caterers and venue, double and triple check everything is set and ready. A minute on the phone can save you from any future problems.

Makeup and Hairstyles 
This is the time to experiment. Try out as many makeup and hairstyles as you wish, but make sure to ask your stylist what would be best for your skin colour, the colour theme of your wedding and the hairstyle that is best suited for your dress and face shape.

Week of Your Wedding 

Test Drive the Full Look 
Pick up your dress but also try it on. While you will have tried everything together already, there’s no harm in doing so again. If anything, it’ll solidify the excitement you feel for your wedding. What’s more, you should also break in your shoes; there’s nothing worse than having sore feet when walking down the aisle.

Take Care of Business 
You will have already discussed holiday-time with your boss already, but be sure to clear your work schedule so that everything is in order and that you don’t have to come back to a mess of work. Complete all your important tasks, train the employee who will be overseeing your work while you’re away, and be sure to relax once you’re off.

Clean the Rings 
Have your engagement ring cleaned, and double check the wedding bands. If they look a bit smudged, have them cleaned too.

Go Over the Wedding Day 
Sit down with those who have jobs during the wedding day, and ensure everyone knows what is expected of them and what is happening and when. Meet with your wedding planner to discuss everything so that each person is on the same page. You want to relax on your big day, and knowing when the photographs, food and dance are taking place can help everything run smoothly.

Morning of the Wedding 

Stick to Timelines 
It can take time for you and your wedding party to get ready, so be sure to account for this time when it comes to hair and makeup, as well as getting dressed and being able to relax. On average, it will take 30 to 45 minutes for each bridesmaid and mother of the bride to get their makeup done, while it can take between 60 to 90 minutes for the bride to have their makeup completed.

Let Your Dress Breathe 
Your dress will have been sitting in a bag, so you will want to hang it so that it can freshen up. Have your dress hanging away from the makeup and drinks station to reduce the chance of any accidents!

Prepare for Emergencies 
A lot can go wrong, and while you shouldn’t stress and should let your day happen naturally, there are certain things you should bring such as mints, tape, scissors (for a loose thread) and a second pair of shoes for the bride.

Don’t Forget to Eat 
You may be too anxious to eat, but you should settle your stomach and nibble on something so that you can a) walk down the aisle and b) be prepared for standing for long periods of time before the sit-down meal. Avoid greasy and stodgy foods and instead eat something that is light and wholesome, such as yogurt and fresh fruit.

Have a Get Ready Playlist 
Getting ready with your friends and family should be as memorable and enjoyable as your wedding ceremony, and so be sure to prepare a playlist with some of your favourite music to get your morning started. Enjoy yourselves!

Pop the Champagne 
While you won’t want to over-do it, you should be allowed to drink one or two glasses of champagne when getting ready. Have a glass when unwinding, and then one more before you leave for the ceremony. Be sure not to drink too much. Alternatively, you can save your alcohol-limit so you can enjoy a shot of your choice before leaving for the ceremony; there’s nothing wrong with Dutch courage.

Leave Extra Time 
No one wants to rush, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time for mishaps and relaxation. Sit back, unwind and enjoy yourself. Get ready and dressed in your own time.

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