Why You Need To Experience Thailand

If you're a fellow budding traveller and are looking for somewhere that you can experience as much in one place as you can, then Thailand should be the place on your mind. It is such a unique country within itself that can only be understood if you've been there to see it for yourself. If you aren't too sure where the best place to start is, there are even Thailand travel guides that take you to all the hottest spots. But if you're still not one hundred percent sold yet, here are some more reasons as to what makes Thailand such a special place to visit.

The price
One thing that tends to hold a lot of people back from travelling, is the price. There is a lot to think about in terms of planning and budgeting, especially with all those hidden costs that float around. Thailand however, is a very cheap country, so essentially when you arrive, you're considered to be extremely wealthy to all the locals that live there, meaning you don't have to be so stressed about draining your bank account, because if anything it's half the price - if not more, than back home.

The weather
We all know how bad the weather can get in the UK, and we don't always get as lucky with our summers as we have this year, but you can guarantee that going to Thailand you will have your fair share of sunshine. So what better way to spend that time basking under the sun, than on one of Thailand's most beautiful golden beaches with silky sand and a sapphire sea that looks as if it's been crafted out of crystals?

The people
One wonderful part of travelling is being able to meet so many people from all different types of backgrounds, and you may have never spoken to these individuals back home in your normal daily routine. Thailand is full of friendly locals that are always happy to show you the best-hidden gems, and friendly faces are very comforting especially when in a country that you're not familiar with. So don't be surprised if you end up getting invited back for a traditional family feast.

The food
If you enjoy various tastes from all over the world, then Thailand has it all. The food is so delicious and diverse which is why it is such a popular place for tourists to indulge because there is such a mix of different tastes and flavours that will consume your taste buds for the future. You will also find that the cuisine will change depending on the locations you are seeing, so if you like to mix things up - this is the place to go.

The marine life
If you enjoy the ocean and are fascinated by all the incredible creatures that live below us, then Thailand is the perfect place to explore more of that. Because you have over 1,500 miles of coastline to dabble in, you are greeted with the best dive sites that the world has to offer you. So if you want to get up close and personal with some magical underwater life - you know where to be.

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