Getting Custom T-Shirts Printed? Consider These Things First!

There are lots of reasons you might have some custom t- shirts made. They're popular for hen and stag parties, boy/ girls holidays, kids sports days, business events, sporting events and so much more! T-shirt printing these days allows you to print just about anything on a t-shirt, as technology has really been enhanced in recent years. It allows you to go with even intricate and complex designs, but of course you could just keep it simple depending on what it's for. If you want to have custom t- shirts made or looking to order some then here are few things which you need to know.

Understand the concept
Before you start printing the t-shirt it’s important to take time to explore the concept. This is because not every design is a good design. You need to start by understanding the reason as to why you are printing that specific design. This will depend on the purpose the t-shirt will be for. In commercial t-shirt for companies you can look into the purpose they want to use the t-shirt for. It is advised to start by brainstorming a couple of design before settling on a specific design. By understanding the concept then you will be able to determine which the best place to place all is the details required; be it the front, side or the back.

Choose colors carefully
The color that you print on the t-shirt will play a very important role in determining how the t-shirt will look. In most cases, the color selection should be done carefully to avoid a color clash. It is recommended that the number of color choices be kept to a minimum. The best designs have been made with fewer colors as compared to a clash of colors. However this does not mean that you cannot have a good design, the goal is to choose the right color depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Pay attention to detail
In printing custom t-shirt design keeping it simple is much better. Artistic ability is good but in a t-shirt design, the goal is to get the message out. In keeping it simple the focus should be on the detail. Pay attention to the words that need to be on the t-shirt and make sure that they are visible. In making custom design t-shirt you should not struggle to get it done as long as you understand the main concept then you need to keep it simple and pay attention to the details.

Consider design locations
You need to know beforehand where the custom design will go in your t-shirt before commencing on the design. The best location for the design is the middle front; this is because the message or the design is easily visible. You need to keep in mind that even if you have multiple design locations you need to have the primary location. Having so many locations will make your custom design look busy and it would lose the visual appeal.

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