Here’s How To Plan A Wedding In Your Own Back Garden!

Weddings are magical. But they can be incredibly expensive and a huge pain to plan out! There’s a reason the term bridezilla exists! There’s just something about wedding planning that turns people a little crazy. And you will often find that it's so easy to get all wrapped up in the planning. You’ll find that you’re planning more and more, saying yes to more and more, and paying for more and more! It can be a big crazy apart of your life. And when you really don’t want it to be a big deal or you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this can be so intense. It can be something that you just freak out about a lot! Then, you may never want to get married at all! However you can choose to just do things in the most simple way. You don’t have to make things big and expensive. You can still have an incredibly beautiful wedding without all of the bells and whistles. If this sounds like something that you’d love to do, why not get married in your own garden (or someone else’s)? Garden weddings are always beautiful. You can plan things on your own terms, and you won’t have to pay huge fees to lots of different people. So let’s look at how you can make this work.

Make The Theme Really Natural
The beauty of having a wedding outside is that the theme is pretty much set out for you. Sometimes, trying to choose the style of wedding can be really really tough! But, if you want to make sure that you have a simple and beautiful wedding, just keep things natural. This will match the setting and make for a really beautiful day too. You’re already outside, so embrace it. Go for a very earthy or flower-centric wedding and it will be perfect.

Plant Flowers & Decorate With Them
As a step on from that, you’ll definitely want to make flowers the center of your decor. If you’re planning your wedding now for next spring or summer, then start to think about the wedding flowers you want. You may even be able to start designing your garden and cutting it back, ahead of planting in the spring so that you have all of the flowers you want ready and in the backdrop.

Be Creative With The Rest Of The Decor
Then, with the rest of the decor, be creative. You might want to get a beautiful archway to et married under, or some fairy and laser lights to decorate with. Try to keep things simple and natural so as to accentuate the beauty of the garden and not take away from it.

Get Friends To Help Out
Having a small and simple wedding means you can work on a lot of the things yourself. And with friends too! Don’t feel pressured to always use professionals. Maybe your friends and family have chairs and tables that you can use? Maybe you have a friend that bakes great cakes? Maybe you can all make the food together so it’s more casual? Just think outside the box about what you can do yourself here.

Invest Where You Want
Then, when it come to spending money, you can save it for the things that you really want. Maybe a band or a professional caterer or what you want? Or maybe it’s your dress and a great honeymoon? Really think about what matters the most to you and put your budget towards those areas.

Keep Things Very Relaxed
But at the same time, try to keep everything very informal. Trying to make things too regimented and formal may not work in the setting. But that’s why you’re doing this! So don’t be afraid to just have a very relaxed day and enjoy yourself.

Let Go Of The Pressure
But above all else, you absolutely have to let go of any pressure that you feel. Because this is all about you and the kind of wedding day that you want. Don’t let the idea of keeping up with the Joneses stress you out. Just plan the day of your dreams, as simply as you would like. Don’t let the idea of it all having to be big and fancy make you think you have to go over the top. Just do things on your terms, and it will be the beautiful small wedding of your dreams.

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