Land Yourself A High Flying Career In Air Travel

The air travel industry can be an exciting place to carve a career. You get to earn money while seeing the world, and it can be well paid too. However, getting your foot in the door isn’t always easy. Here are just a few different directions you can take if you covet a career in air travel.

Become a pilot
Becoming a pilot is no easy task and involves years of learning and training. You’ll first have to take a university course – you can find various courses listed at ACS. Once you’ve completed a course, you can then hire an instructor and try to get your pilot’s license. Commerical airline pilots often have to go through more rigorous training and you may have to do a certain amount of hours as a co-pilot first before being licensed as a full pilot. You’ll also need to pass various medical tests – health problems could make you too much of a risk. Becoming a pilot can be expensive so you’ll need to look into funding options. Of course, once you become a pilot you’ll be rewarded with a high salary that will allow you to easily pay back any debts.

Work in air traffic control
Air traffic controllers are responsible for monitoring all flights that are taking off and landing – it is often said to be the most difficult careers to get into. Whilst you don’t need any official qualifications, you do need to pass an entry exam in which you must score 100%. Most people fail this test, however those that do get through are rewarded with a high salary and the prestige of one of the industry’s most important jobs. For more information on this career visit this NATS site.

Join the cabin crew
A job as a member of cabin crew could allow you to travel the world whilst receiving a decent wage. You’ll generally need some experience in the hospitality trade such as working in a bar or hotel. With many airlines to choose from and hundreds of flights, there are always vacancies. If you are hired you will then be trained up by the company, after which you will then be allocated to flights.

Get a job in airline admin
There are many careers in airline admin from marketing to airport reception work to ticket sales. These careers are often easier to access and there may be a wider range of vacancies (you’re also likely to get discounts on flights as part of the job!). That said, the pay does vary depending on the role. Check sites such as this one for airport jobs.

Find an aircraft technician role
Airplanes need to be well maintained and this requires specialised technicians. This could include anything from electrical work to manufacturing parts. This job can be very well paid but challenging to get into. Common routes into aircraft technician work include learning skills through the military, taking a course or taking an apprenticeship.

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