Pinterest Worthy: Sensationally Stylish Rooms Without Breaking The Bank

Home really is the most important place in the world. It's a place of safety and comfort, where we can relax, entertain friends and spend time with family. So as well as being functional, a home that looks pleasant and makes you feel like you actually want to spend time in it is absolutely essential. If like me you're interiors obsessed, you'll always be looking for ways to make the most of your home and want to style it in a way that makes it look beautiful. But with so many different elements to consider, it can be difficult to get right so that it all works well together. Here are some tips to follow to help you get it right.

Do Your Research
Before making any purchases or getting started yourself, it's always worth doing some research. Scour Pinterest and flick through home magazines. You can even browse projects from luxury interior design companies like Oro Bianco. You might not have the budget to create such a high spec finish as your inspiration pictures, but they can certainly give you an idea of what looks stylish, and what kind of pieces and colours work well together. Decide what you do and don't like, and have an idea in mind before you start on your own home decor project. This stops you from being swept up by things in the shops- while there are lots of nice items out there, you need to choose well so that it all works together in the end.

Decide on Your Colour Palette
One you have a general idea of the theme and style that you want to achieve for your room, your next step is to decide on the colour palette. One way to make it easy for yourself is to start with neutral decor- if you paint your walls white, cream or a very light grey and go with wooden floors (or complimenting coloured carpet) then you essentially have a blank canvas. Whether you want to add a pop of vibrant colour or keep it more muted with shades of grey and black, natural brown shades or pastels then you have plenty of options. Choose one or two shades that match your decor to keep everything looking cohesive.

Mix Budget and High End
Most of us don't have the kind of budget that allows us to walk into a designer homeware store and pick out everything that we want. However, you can easily mix and match more expensive with budget pieces for a gorgeous looking home. Things like the sofa are always worth investing in, if you choose a plainer style then it will last through the years and work well regardless of how often you change the decor. You could then add interest by pairing this up with a less expensive accent armchair in a colour or pattern that works with your room. Things like throws, frames, plants and other items can all be bought cheaply. Then you have more money to splash out on a couple of nicer pieces. A designer statement coffee table, light fitting or standing lamp for example will all add that luxury feel.

Learn the Art of Accessorising
One of the things that makes the photos in home magazines and on Pinterest so impressive is that they're beautifully styled. Coffee tables, side tables and shelves are accessorised with hanging plants, unique ornaments and trays of grouped items. Sofas are styled with throws and cushions to make them look sumptuous and inviting. Look online and get some inspiration, and put this into practice in your own home to achieve a really high end look.

How do you add interest and style to your home?

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