Visit a Winter Wonderland This Christmas: Exploring Chamonix in December

If you want to visit a true winter wonderland, and experience the festive season in style this year- then a trip to Chamonix will be exactly what you're looking for. Chamonix is one of France's most northern alpine ski resorts, but there's much more to do than just hit the slopes. With plenty of snow it's a gorgeous destination, and particularly nice if you want a festive getaway this December. Here's what you need to know!

Weather conditions
The weather in Chamonix in December tends to be between one and six degrees centigrade. There's constant cloud cover throughout the month, however almost no rain falls and instead the moisture comes down as snow. While the snowfall does vary from year to year, you can pretty much guarantee a good build-up all the way down to town by Christmas. Be sure to pack and dress accordingly, if you're taking part in snow sports you will need specialist gear. You can purchase your own and bring it (worthwhile if you like to take part in these kinds of activities every winter). Otherwise, there are plenty of places where you can hire what you need, which will also save space in your luggage. Even if you're not going to be taking part in the winter sports, good boots to keep your feet warm, thermals and a warm coat are essential for the December climate. Don't forget your gloves, scarf and hat!

Things to do
With eleven separate ski areas, Chamonix is a skiiers haven with something for all abilities. While December is early in the skiing season, Chamonix is one place in Europe where there's likely to be a good snowfall in time for Christmas. Even if the snow levels aren't especially high, there are snow cannons which are put to work that ensure the winter sports can be enjoyed from the start of the season. Historic weather in December has given an average snow depth of over 120cm at the top, and over 30cm at the bottom of the ski area. However, skiing isn't the only activity you have to do during your trip. You can also go snowboarding, paragliding, mountaineering, ice climbing, dog sledding, snow shoeing, speed riding and ice skating amongst other things. As Chamonix is a proper town and not just a ski resort, there's plenty to do outside of the ski and winter sports activities as well. There are lots of galleries and museums to explore, shops to visit, adventure and amusement parks and much more. There's so much to see and do in and around the town that you won't be disappointed- whether you're a skiier or not!

Outside of Chamonix
If you want to venture a little further out of Chamonix, there are lots of stunning destinations that are just a car ride away. If you're not travelling directly to Chamonix at the start of your trip, you could utilise Geneva airport to Courchevel ski transfers or Geneva airport ski transfers to Meribel and check out these places first. As Chamonix is located just below Lake Geneva in Switzerland, this is another incredible location you can go and visit in the same trip. You could either hire a car, or utilise one of the shuttle bus services that operate, taking passengers to and from the epic lake. So as well as things to see, do and experience in the town, there are plenty of interesting places you could go to in its surroundings too.

If you're after an active winter break where you're likely to get snow then this stunning destination in East France is definitely one to check out.

Have you ever been to Chamonix, or is it on your bucket list?

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