5 Lifestyle Changes That Comes with Adopting a Cat

While dogs are the most common pets in UK household, cats are a close second and can make the best pets for people who have limited space and time. Cats are rather low maintenance animals that can take care of themselves with a little help from their pet parents. A little food, a litter box, cat medicine, and some water is all cats need. But if you do decide to bring home a cat, you will see your life changing in many beautiful ways.

Change in Sleep Schedule
Binge watching Netflix all night and waking up late for work becoming your routine? You can kiss that routine goodbye. With a cat in your life, you need to wake up on time to feed your cat. If you get late feeding your cat, you are sure to hear your cat complain about it. Your cat can wake you up in the morning when it is awake. This way you will be tired enough at night to fall asleep on time. Your sleep schedule will fall into place as you have to take care of your cat’s needs.

Change in Chore Routine
With a cat in the house, you cannot put off your house cleaning chores. Cats like their environments to be clean. If you do not clean your home regularly, your cat might skip using their litter box and start defecating around the house. Your chore list will also increase since you will have to maintain your cat. You need to litter train your kitten. The litter box needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You have to administer your cat medicine. Your cat’s nails need to be trimmed as well. So, be prepared to have a cleaner lifestyle with a few more chores.

Change in Vacation Time
You might have left for prolonged vacations but as a cat parent kiss your long holidays goodbye. There are pet boarding facilities where you can leave your cat in safe hands. But if you are gone for a long time, then you might have to pay a lot of money. You might be able to find a friend or family member who may be willing to look after your cat. Sudden changes can be devastating for your cat. Cat medicine can help your cat remain physically healthy, but your absence can take a toll on your cat’s mental health.

Change in Privacy
People tend to feel that cats enjoy their solitude. But as a cat parent, you will notice all the little ways in which your cat follows you around. You cannot take a bath or spend time in the toilet without your cat staring at you. You will no longer feel alone with your cat in the house.

Change in Mental Health
The most significant difference you will notice after getting a cat is your improved mental health. Movies, like A Street Cat Named Bob, focus on how cats can help people cope with their mental health issues. While you might be feeding your cat medicine, your cat might be the medicine you need to improve your mental health. You will end up feeling more positive and happier with your cat in your life.

While getting a cat can be quite a responsibility, there are so many positive changes that cat adoption comes with that always make it worth it. 

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