Give Your Conservatory The Ultimate Makeover!

Your home is the place where return after a long day of physical exhaustion and mental stresses. The main thing that all of us want when entering our home is the able to relax and feel secure and stress-free. Having a home that allows you to recuperate is so important, and most of us like to have a particular room in the home that allows us to do so. It could be your bedroom, your bathroom, a living room or a conservatory. Many people rely on conservatories to find an escape from all their stresses, they're less expensive than brick built extensions meaning you can add extra space to your home without the cost. Plus with the large windows, you're closer to nature and a good place between the house and the garden. There's nothing more blissful then sipping your coffee and reading your favorite book in a warm and cozy conservatory on a cold evening or enjoy the blooming sunflowers in a sunny morning overlooking your garden. A good conservatory makeover can leave with you a vibrant, well ventilated personal space that can help you to relax, rather than random oversized furniture pieces and worn out windows hijacking the area. Here’s a quick guide for your conservatory makeover.

Understand the Elements 
The basic idea behind having a conservatory is to have a spacious well-lit space where you can de-stress. This means your conservatory needs to be spacious, with suitable arrangements for lighting and ventilation. Other than that, despite being indoors, it should be able to make you feel closer to nature. A heavily furnished conservatory with thick curtains or blinds doesn't make sense, as your living room is already doing that job. Ideally, opt for a sunroof so that you can enjoy the effect of natural sunlight. This will also give you additional room to play with some indoor plants. 

Repairs and Restorations 
Your windows should be big enough to let enough light get into your conservatory. If your existing windows are already doing the job, find out if any repairs are needed, If you're going for any roof replacements, make sure all window and roof repairs are done at the same time- otherwise you can end up bearing extra costs since roofing can get damaged during window repairs. If your sash windows are wooden, check for any wear and tear signs in the wood. It will be a good idea to restore your sash windows if they are over a decade old. A professional repair job will show visible improvement before and after sash window restoration. If you are considering window replacement, it is highly recommended that you replace timber with uPVC as it is more durable, practical and energy efficient. 

Furnishing and Finishing 
Once your fixtures are in place, it’s time to accentuate the whole space by adding the right furniture and accessories. A spacious conservatory does not mean a large conservatory. You can still have a spacious, breathable conservatory if you make intelligent use of space. Avoid heavy furnishing and keep it light. Whites, pastels and light greys all give a nice effect. Add plants in the corners to blend the conservatory with your outdoors and create a beautiful transition. If you are using white furnishing, add a pop of color by adding colored floor cushions. Yellow and blue hues will look gorgeous along with more neutral tones. Add candles and fairy lights to create a beautiful ambiance for the evenings.

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