Negotiating Difficult Family Relationships In Challenging Times: An Essential Guide

As they say, you can't choose your family- and often situations can arise that can put even the closest of families through challenges. No matter the connection, maintaining a good relationship with all your different family members can be something that is tough. You’ll find some advice to help guide you through emotionally turbulent waters below. 

What to do during a divorce 
While we often associated divorce with negative emotions, sometimes the choice to separate is the best thing for all involved. Of course, there will be some difficult feelings to address, and it's important to find a way to acknowledge these without acting them out or letting them take over your interactions with your ex. Sometimes other family members can help you with this, and may even be necessary to see a relationship counsellor for help in working through these emotions constructively. Also, when a couple are divorcing, it's important to consider the effect that this has on the children that are involved as well. In fact, it's crucial for you to allow your kids to have their own emotional reactions to the situation, and whatever you do don't end up putting them in a position where they feel as if they have to choose one parent over another. 

What to do when mum and dad need extra care 
Another common challenging situation that can occur within the family is when your parents are ageing and are struggling to take care of themselves properly. Of course, this can be very distressing for them, and worrying for you as well, especially if they don't live with you. However, there are some options that can help to enhance the care that they are getting to consider. One is to talk to them about moving into a residence that offers additional care. Although this can be an awkward conversation to have. Then there is the option of increasing the help that they receive in their own home, something you can find out more about in posts like this 7 Benefits to Home Care online. In fact, for many elders, such care is much more desirable because they get to stay in their own surrounding and have an element of control of their days and lives. 

What to do it a rough patch in your marriage 
Marriages aren't all plane sailing, and it's certainly natural to have some periods of time when things are easier or more difficult than others. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to throw in the towel. In fact, a lot of the time, improving communication and ensuring that other person knows what you want, and feels heard when they voice their needs is enough to get things back on the right path. Although, if there are some more serious underlying issues such as cheating, or addition then seeking the help of a professional relationship counsellor like the ones at Relate can be an excellent way to get some support for both members of the relationship. 

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