What You Need to Know About Buying Re-Usable Shopping Bags

two women carrying re-usable shopping bags

We all know we should be doing our bit to help the earth from the effects of non-biodegradable products. Plastic is a hot topic at the moment, with many of us discovering the impact of exactly how damaging our waste is- who 'islands' are washing up in the ocean, being burned in incinerators and even ending up on the food chain. Because of this, many companies today have taken the initiative to offer environmentally friendly packing solutions, and one of these is manufacturing re-usable shopping bags. Single use plastics are one of the biggest issues we're facing, and while carrier bags could easily be used lots of times- unfortunately they rarely are. Now that the government has started charging for carrier bags, it's made us all more aware of using them, and lots of people are taking positive steps by investing in re-usable models. But what do you need to know when you're buying them?

1. Check the Material Used
Most recycled shopping bags are made out of natural and recyclable materials. Often they're made from a polyethylene material, reusable jute, reusable calico, reusable hemp, and reusable canvass. It's essential that the material used is durable and strong, chemical resistant, water resistant, and  ideally they'd be washable too. The material should also be durable and strong enough to withstand the weight the shopping items without tearing. These qualities will mean your shopping bags will last you for many years.Sites like www.customearthpromos.com have a variety of well-designed recycled shopping bags that fit the bill. 

2. Browse Nice Designs
When it comes to most things we buy, we're not only looking at practicality but style as well. These are something you'll be carrying around with you and so will want them to fit with your personal fashion too. Thankfully, recycled shopping bags come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and designs and you can pick the best that suits you. If you're using your bags for groceries, something that's worth bearing in mind when it comes to the style is a flat bottom. These will sit nicely in your shopping trolley, and since most supermarkets now have 'scan as you shop' you can fill them up as you walk around and it saves you time and effort. They also sit nicely when you put them in the boot of the car without tipping over. 

3. Assess Cost and Quality
Recycled shopping bags come at all price points. But spending a few pounds on something that can be used many times will certainly save you money compared with spending 5-10p each time you go shopping on regular carrier bags. Since carrier bags are one of the main problem plastic items, it's now the law to charge consumers for them to put them off buying them. Keep a number of reusable bags in the boot of your car and you have them ready whenever you go shopping. Good for your wallet, and good for the environment too! 

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