Three Proactive Ways You Can Simplify Your Life Today

woman sitting on a bed with a calendar organising her schedule

Life can be chaotic at times, but most of us are guilty of making things more complex than they need to be. Over the years it only seems to get even more hectic; difficult friendships, relationships coming and going from your life, added responsibilities, perhaps more to handle at your job. Of course, raising a family or generally figuring out what you hope to do with your middle-aged years can be enough to decide, let alone the massive list of things to do in the here and now that pop up in our lives all the time. In other words, it could be that while complexity is good and can keep you stimulated, from time to time it can be overwhelming. For this reason, once in a while, we’d recommend that you simplified matters. What does this mean? Well, we’d recommend simply look at the flow of your life as it is today, and thinking ‘how can I cut out the fat here?’ This might help you save plenty of your time and even money on a weekly to monthly schedule, so be sure to consider the importance of doing this. If you’re struggling for inspiration, we have you covered:

Paying your bills and budgeting is something that they don't really teach in school- but they should. It can take years of your adult life getting this right, and finding a system that suits you. The way I personally like to pay my bills, is transferring a set amount into a separate bills account every payday. Bills are then taken from this account automatically by direct debit, and so there's no fussing around paying separate things, it all takes care of itself. You can work out how much you need to transfer into your bills account each week by adding up all of your bills and dividing this by four. Put some extra cash in initially as a 'buffer', that way you know you're covered until everything evens out. If you're paid monthly it's even easier, put in the amount your bills cost every month into your bills account and again set them to come out by direct debit. Another way to simplify bills is detaching yourself from often toxic contracts, a new mobile network where you can pay-as-you-go will give you the minutes, data and messages you need without a long term commitment. Use a budget tracking program like You Need A Budget which can also help you track your spending habits outside out your bills, and give you more control over your finances in general.

The personal habits you employ will mean plenty when it comes to simplifying your life. Just how many things do you try and do in one working day, for instance? Do you find yourself rushing from place to place, but end up getting nothing done? Might it be having one day to plan the upcoming week, ideally a Sunday afternoon, could help you waste time spent in lethargy or trying to figure out how to proceed that week? Some people thrive on routine, and allocating hours to the development of one effort is worthwhile. Be sure to adjust your habits, cut the nonsense and try to apply yourself to the matters that mean the most. Write down a weekly menu plan so you know what you're cooking, and what groceries to buy for the week. Get your clothes, packed lunch and work bag ready the night before. Spend a little time each evening tidying the house. All of these small habits can go a long way in making life more simple and stress- free. 

Social links are important to consider, and you can’t always function without access to a little silliness with your friends. However, consider how your social life influences your day to day schedule. Do you find yourself usually wasting the weekends hungover, or walking around town with no real purpose under the guise of ‘shopping?’ Might it be that simplifying your life means finding a social purpose, such as spending more time with your partner, or generally trying to maintain friendships with people you trust? When you have a purpose like this, activities that sustain you start to come to mind, and that can simplify your intent for hanging out with people, less out of necessity and more out of pure desire.

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