Three Things to Bear in Mind When You're Choosing a Plumbing Company

The drainage system is an important part of any home, but it's something that many of us can easily overlook- it's only when something goes wrong that we realise the importance of regular maintenance. A single leak can be disastrous to your walls, floors, furniture and more- even slow flowing leaks will increase your water bill. Having your system checked on a regular basis (annually makes sense) means that any issues can be spotted early, and preventative measures can be put in place. This includes things like insulating pipes and outside taps to prevent leaks, and replacing worn pipework. But what exactly do you need to look for when you're hiring a plumber?

Certifications and licenses
Find a licensed and qualified plumber- many people can pose online as plumbers when they only have remedial, self taught knowledge. These kinds of cowboys can cause more harm than good- ask the person you hire to provide a license, and check that business is registered. That way they're traceable in case anything goes wrong. Make sure they have insurance, if something doesn't go to plan and your home ends up flooded, you'll end up massively out of pocket if you've gone with a dodgy firm that doesn't have any cover. 

An experienced plumber will have worked with many customers, and so you should be able to find reviews of their business online. The best places to find reviews include Google, social media, and their websites. For example, when searching you can see that there have been positive comments and reviews have been left. Another option is to ask friends and family to recommend plumbers they have used and had a good experience with.

Considerable rates
Very cheap rates could be a sign that the plumber isn't qualified and should be avoided. But you will still want to find the best deal, ask a couple of local plumbers for quotes to make sure you're getting the most for your money. Each plumbing business will have different rates and so the price for the same job can vary massively. 

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