Want to Fall Asleep Faster at Night? Try These Five Things

There’s no denying the benefits of getting enough sleep each night. According to studies, getting seven to nine hours of sleep will make your heart healthier and your hormones will be regulated- these promote growth, controls your body clock, repairs your tissues and stabilises your mood. Your nervous system also gets a break by being able to relax. And your immune system? During sleep it releases cytokines that help the body fight infection, trauma, and inflammation. If you’re having problems sleeping, you’re in the right place. From getting a weighted blanket for anxiety, to choosing essential oils that promote sleep, hopefully you'll find something helpful in this short read.

1. Invest in comfortable linens
The bed and linens you use in your sleep play a big part in stimulating a healthy sleep. The firmness of your foam, the comfort of your pillows, and the weight of your blanket all contribute to a good sleep. Invest in a comfortable bed and make sure you get something that’s soft, relaxing, and will lull you to sleep. If you find yourself twisting and turning at night, or constantly switching your pillows, you might need to update your linens and pillows for a better sleep. Getting weighted blankets also helps in sleep anxiety. Sometimes all you need to do is change your bed set. And given that we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s only right to make our sleeping condition perfect.

2. Exercise regularly
Regular exercise makes our body feel tired and exhausted, therefore triggering the need for rest or inactivity. If you live a sedentary life, always in front of the computer or your desk, and barely getting up, this is probably why you’re having trouble sleeping. Just look at how children are so active during the day, running around and playing with other kids. By night time they fall asleep faster. Our bodies work the same way, so set up some time to regularly get a sweat, it’s a healthy way to induce your body to crave for rest.

3. Try aromatherapy for sleep
If you’re into essential oils, there are a lot of extracts that can help promote sleep. Cedarwood is one as it supports the pineal gland which produces melatonin that makes you sleepy. If you’re not fond of the woody smell, try to mix it with lavender or eucalyptus for a more refreshing scent. Several studies have shown that aromatherapy helps relieve the body of stress and promote better sleep.

4. Stick to a sleeping schedule
If you want to make a habit of sleeping at least seven hours a day, then you better start a schedule. Setup a time where you’re supposed to sleep and set an alarm a few minutes leading to it. During this time, rid yourself of all distractions that may hinder your sleep. Quit watching that TV show, disconnect form the internet, dim your lights, shut the blinds, and set your phone’s brightness to warm. Instead of scrolling on your phone, pick up a traditional book. If you have a diffuser now is the right time to use some essential oils too. Conditioning is key to sleeping at the right time.

5. Listen to music
There are tons of music that helps promote sleep. There’s no specific genre you should listen to but tunes that are soft, slow, and classic are said to lull you easier. If you want some options, check out some Spotify playlists for sleep. Or you can even subscribe to binaural beats and listen to delta waves as they contribute to conditioning the mind for deep sleep as well.

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