Water You Waiting For? Here's Why You Need to Book a Cruise!

Never been on a cruise before? Cruise holidays are growing in popularity each year. Here are a few reasons why they’re so popular and why you should make your next holiday a cruise.

You can visit multiple destinations in one trip
A cruise allows you to explore multiple destinations around the world whilst only ever unpacking once. You can get off at different ports in different countries each day whilst returning back to the same room. It’s a lot more luxurious and convenient than interrailing or taking a coach trip, in which you may get to explore multiple countries, but you’re constantly finding new accommodation and having to pack and unpack.

You can choose your itinerary
There are so many different cruises to choose from, each with their own individual routes. This can allow you to effectively pick the destinations you want and then find a cruise that goes to these destinations. You can even combine a cruise with a holiday on land such as these Bolsolver Cruise Club cruise and stay holidays. On top of choosing your destinations, most cruises offer multiple excursions per destination – you can simply get off and explore the port yourself, or you can take a number of guided tours to places in the vicinity.

You can bring the kids along
Cruises aren’t just for adults – many cruises are family friendly with all kinds of kids’ activities on board. Royal Caribbean offer some of the best family activities include kids’ clubs, kids entertainment, soft play areas, games arcades and various other attractions.…or you can go adult-only. Of course, if you’d like to steer clear of kids, there are also adult-only cruises available. Some are aimed at older people with more leisurely on-board entertainment, whilst others are aimed at young adults with parties on deck every night.

Cruises come in all sizes
On top of being for all ages, there are cruises for all sizes. If you don’t like crowds of people and want something more intimate where you can get to know everyone on board, there are plenty of small cruises for doing just this. If you like the idea of living in a city in the sea, then there are also huge ships with a multitude of bars and restaurants to choose from.

There are all kinds of activities to choose from
Cruises also tend to have a variety of on-board activities. On top of having pools, many have gym facilities, theatres, casinos, massage parlours and even climbing walls. Whether you want to stay active or relax, there’s certain to be the facilities there for you.

They’re not as expensive as you may think
Many people assume that a cruise is out of their budget, but there are many cheaper cruises and deals to be had out there if you book at the right time. Shop online and see what you can find – you may be surprised.

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