What is Tegaderm And How is it Useful For Children?

Children are carefree and excitable, which is why so many accidents can happen at the park or on the playground at school. It's not uncommon for your child to come home limping or with a grazed knee, and so as a parent it's important to have the right products on hand. Here's why you need Tegaderm, (a transparent film dressing) in your first aid kit. 

It's multipurpose
One great reason to have Tegaderm at home is because it can be used for a number of different things. Tegaderm is mostly used to cover small wounds while helping the skin to heal, but what many people don’t know is that it can also be used for buddy wrapping. Buddy wrapping is used to aid a fractured or injured toe or finger by wrapping it together with the uninjured one next to it. This splinting method protects it and allows active movement. If you think your child's finger or toe is broken, you can splint it at home to protect it while you take them to have it assessed by a professional.

It offers breathability
Another major reason you should be using tegaderm on your child is because of the breathability it offers. Covering up your child’s wound with the wrong products can prevent the air getting to it, and many cases this can worsen it. Tegaderm will allow a wound or the covered area of the skin to breathe because it is designed in a way that allows aeration. The right bandage products will prevent skin sweating and infection, so whether your choose Tegaderm or something else, be sure to do your research and choose a product that's breathable on the skin.

It's simple to use
You always don’t need to visit the clinic whenever your child gets an injury or a minor wound. Using Tegaderm film is quick, easy and something anyone can do. After cleaning the cut or graze, apply the dressing to keep it sterile and aid healing. Of course, in more severe injuries it's worth seeking medical advice, especially on areas like the face where you'll want to avoid scarring.

It's transparent
Unlike many bandages in the market, Tegaderm is transparent and this offers its own advantages. Mainly as it allows you to keep an eye on the wound without having to constantly remove the dressing.  That way, you can always change it when necessary and take out the guesswork. 

Tegaderm is useful for anyone to have in their first aid kit, but when you have children that are naturally boisterous and accident prone, it helps to have these kinds of products on hand. 

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